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General Plan of Action

The main benefit of business continuity plan is limiting risks of major incidents in regard to the staff’s health and safety, operations continuity and reduction of financial effect caused by the temporary stoppage of operations.

As for the major disasters, every business may be encounter similar complications. Apart from the risk on human health and safety, the economic influence brought about by disaster is taken into consideration. It usually develops staff absenteeism or comprises issues to deal with the disruption of supply and shifting chain.

The application of the business continuity plan can develop the whole company’s efficiency and makes it possible to note properties, employees and financial aspects of vital goods and services. 

The method used by Glasgow Airport for air trace is interrelated with an assessed threat. A number of processes are used for a variety of operations. With the help of the business continuity plan, the company is able to make sure that it has the resources and data required to handle incidents.

Review of Tasks

In case of occurrence of an incident at the Glasgow Airport, there are a set of activities that are to be followed so as to restore the business back to normal operations:

  • After the occurrence of the incident, notification is the first step that needs to be taken by relevant response teams that include the affected departments, recovery team, the HR manager, the staff and the media among others.
  • The next step is responsible for the disaster notification and declaration procedures, as well as declaration decisions, damage analysis and repairs.
  • Lastly, there is the Recovery Management Team that restores the business to normal operation; it includes the service, sales, HR Team, finance and facility group.


The business continuity plan is an all-inclusive plan that calls relevant departments into action the. Its principle objective being to restore the business to normal operation. The plan, if done appropriately, will lead to successful results.

Buy custom Glasgow Airport Business Continuity Plan essay

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