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This paper will interview a Paterson Public School official focus on the topics from the research about extra curricular cost research paper that I am currently working on. The interview questions will include other topics that might give me insight into the officer’s his/her role and philosophy in the budget development process. The interview questions will be a reflective analysis on what we learned from the budgeting process and get the officer’s beliefs and ideas on effective budgeting and your critique on those beliefs and ideas. The following are the interview questions that I carried out with the with the districts business official.

A day as a business official

Interview questions

  • What is your criterion for determining the cost of minimum child support obligations?

The question will seek to identify what is to be taken into account when determining the formula calculating the day child support.

  • How do you lose appreciate the various participants in Paterson School District in extracurricular activities?

Extra curricular activities attracts many participants such tutors who are normally not forgotten during budgeting.

  • How doesn’t the benefits of extracurricular activities compare with the cost of providing the activities. ?

Increase in extracurricular activities in Paterson School District will improve graduation rate and reduce dropout rate.

  • What role is played by parents in the cost of sports?

Different parents want different items for and they are normally wanted to make their kids to win and are ready to spend any amount to make sure their kids win.

  • Have you ever been compelled to remove some extra curricular activities from school programs during budget cuts?

Some of the extracurricular activities such as after school clubs and activities are important to education and also help the students to stay fit.

  • Do you support the idea that extra curricular activities should be absolutely free?

Students would like to take the free of charge sports clubs which are which are close to school instead of driving only once a week several kilometers away from school.

  • Obesity rate is high in the United State. Do you recognize that budgeting for extracurricular activities as one of the main interventions of reducing this high rate?

Some people belief that extracurricular sports are ridiculous and therefore budget cuts on them are justified so as to avoid waste.

  • Do you agree that the cost of school extra curricular activities is frustrating to parents? 

Some of the extracurricular activities especially youth sports are fast creeping into public school sports. Since parents are tax payers in the district, the tax is used to pay for the sports offered by the school. But, that would only be true for most of the expenses.  Other additional expenses such as the demand for better equipment by students make the parents feel that the costs are adding up quickly.

Role and philosophy in the budget development process

He provides that travel expenditure amounted to & 350,000 for the 2011-2012 which also reflected the extracurricular activities. A class or activity

Reflective Analysis

From the above answers, we can easily conclude that the process of budget development plays a vital role in Paterson public schools and should be done with a lot of care to ensure that important school activities are carried out as envisioned by the authorities.

Buy custom A Day as a Business Official essay

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