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The media being reviewed is the New York Times titled, Eyes on Town After Tale of Strippers at a Teenage Party. The story on page A13 was written by Paul Post on February 25, 2013. Children in this story who are young as 14 years are portrayed as having being attended a birthday party of a fellow teenage boy aged 16 years where a some two adult entertainers were brought and a photo of one of them is shown wrapped around a teenage boy’s head and shoulders. The dancers also performed “personal and intimate dances” to party attendee in front of the children. The photos later are said to have surfaced on Facebook.

The party took place at South Glens Falls, New York which is at the southern end on New York described as being one and half miles from Cooper’s Cave in Saratoga county. It took place inside an entertainment spot known as Spare Time Family Fun Center. There were about 80 invited guests who included children as young as 14 years. as always, the children were expecting the normal birthday bash presents like cake, presents, and ice cream but got more than that; exotic dancing and lap dancing from two adult female entertainers.

Although the exact time when the incident happened in not given, it may have been around early February or late January. The mother of the birthday boy, Judy Viger, who organized for the party was arrested and arraigned in court on February 18, 2013.

There were different people at the event including children. Some of the children took photos of the stripers and posted them on social media including Facebook as reported by a 17 year old who was at the party Xavier DeLuke. Some kids went home and reported the matter to their respective parents according to Daniele Fish whose grade six kid attended the party. It seems that they were upset by the lewd conduct and reported it to their parents who in turn reported to the police.

It seems that the children were expecting to receive the ‘normal’ birthday presents like ice cream and presents and were not impressed by the adult show hence the reason why they reported it to their parents. Pornography and indeed child pornography is on the rise with the advent of internet and social media. Children ought to understand that it is not only immoral but punishable behavior to engage in lewd behaviors. The children will now know that any people who may expose them to such behaviors can be arrested and charged in a court of law. Therefore, they need to report such kind of behaviors whenever they occur or as when they are aware of them.

The New York Times is an international media that dedicates several articles about child abuse and neglect as well as commentary on such issues affecting children. With the advent of internet, child pornography is on the rise. This is because the above children took and posted the lewd photos of the exotic dancers on Facebook. Children as young as 10 years are being exposed to sexually explicit materials by people even who are very close to them including their own parents. We need young children to have a moral upbringing and such stories only help to highlight the problem that is in our society. For the children are the leaders of tomorrow, we need to impart in them moral values that can help them have positive characters and exposing them to adult content at such tender age is not desirable.

Buy custom Children in Media essay

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