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Kim Jong Un was born on January 8th 1984 and is currently the North Korea’s supreme leader. He is a son of Kim Jong Il who lived in 1941- 2011(BBC News, 2012, July 26). Studies further reveal that he was a grandson to Kim II Sung who was believed to have lived in the years 1912- 1994 (Scobell, 2006).  It will be documented that Kim Jong Un has actually held several titles. He has been recognized as the first secretary of the Korea’s workers party, supreme commanding officer of the Korean people’s Army and the chairman of the commission of central military. It will also be realized that Kim Jong Un was the first chairman of the North Korea’s commission of national defense. As a result of his father’s death in 2011, Kim was formally affirmed as the North Korea’s supreme leader.

It was evident that Kim was considered to be heir of the nation’s leadership as early as 2010 just before his father’s death. Therefore following the death of Kim Jong il the Korean state television did not hesitate to announce him as the next great successor. He was then regarded as the supreme leader of the military, workers party and the country in general where he was supposed to inherit the ideologies of Kim Jong il, his character, courage, grit, virtues and leadership. It will be realized that Kim was promoted to the marshal rank of the DPRK within the army of the Korean people (BBC News, 2012, July 18).

Kim’s early life and how he got educated has become somehow hard to retrieve due to the fact that his official comprehensive biography has not been released. Reports from the Japanese newspapers reveal that Kim Jong Un schooled in Switzerland in the neighborhood of Bern. Initial reports argued that he attended a private international school in the periods 1993- 1998. Here he was described as a good but shy student who actually cooperated with his fellow students and fanned basketball. Reports further claimed that he was indifferent when it came to political issues though he could distinguish himself in sports. His attendance and grades ratings were generally accounted to be   poor. Ri Tcheul who was the North Korea’s ambassador in Switzerland acted a close friend to him and also as a mentor. Kim’s education status shows that he owned two degrees from some of the leading universities in Korea. From Kim II sung University, Kim Jong Un obtained a degree in Physics. He also had an Army officer’s degree from Kim II-sung University of military in the years 2002- 2007 (Powell, 2011, December 22).

During March 14th 2013 there arouse reports from intelligence sources in South Korea that Kim Jong Un was the target of an assassination attempt. This attempt was fuelled by discontented people in the North in reaction to the destruction of the director’s reconnaissance general bureau in 2012 which resulted to a firefight. The struggle for internal power sandwiched between the governments factions truly led to this demolition (Martinezi, 2012, February 10).  It has been reported that since the regime of Kim Jong Un violation of human rights have been continued from the previous leadership. Kim ordered for the killing of the defectors, sent the public to political prison sites and also carried out public executions. It is further assumed that Kim Jong Un was in fact involved in the attack of Yeonpyeong and the sinking of Cheonan in view of intensifying his military credentials and making possibilities for a victorious power transition from his father.

Kim Jong Un’s leadership is thus claimed to contrast with that of Kim Jong II who was his father. It will be documented that Kim unlike his father appears in public, often delivers speeches and watches his dearly loved hoops. Much of his behaviors are assumed to be like political theater geared at persuading his populace that the youthful general is contentedly in charge which by a large extend contrasts with the ruling style of his father. Studies has it that Kim Jong II did not pay interest to the communal trait of ruling unlike his successor instead he essentially embraces on a popular culture that is purely aimed at persuading the North Korean people that changes are likely to occur under his regime. According to many reports all over, Kim Jong Un is claimed to act in ways that are a bit extra intense than those of his father. His father was assumed to be more calculated and cold. He did not go to the extent that Kim Jong Un went in terms of the scope and pace of the North Koreans rhetoric power. Kim Jong Un actually threatens to instigate nukes unswervingly against the South Korea and United States. It will further be noted that Kim’s abroad education paved a lot of promises for most the North Korean students who are eager to engage in West (Jeffries, 2013).

It will be realized that on 11th April 2013 North Korean Kim Jong Un completed a year as the first secretary of the Korean workers party. He is alleged to have used the escalatory rhetoric power of North Korean to intimidate the state with the dangers that may accrue from the nuclear wars. This may have been necessitated by the associated demands not being met. Scholars disclose that this strategy has actually increased tension within the perceived North Korea’s adversaries such as Japan, South Korea and the United States and also to the neighboring states particularly China. The big question that revolves around many people is whether Kim recognizes the insinuations of the threats which he has since then been seizing against the adversaries. The resulting effects that may arise from using this irrational rhetoric power would in fact be geared at endangering the national interests and security of both the North Korean and Chinese people. According to reports from the United Kingdom, Kim is assumed to be working towards achieving strong leadership not because he is a new supreme leader but also a skeptical military. Based on these attributes, he is able to see the challenges that may arise in North Korea and through his brutality he can surpass possible threats that may originate from the foreign imperialists.


The big question that has cropped among many people in North Korea and other parts of the world is whether Kim Jong Un will go further than the political theater. This is in regard to knowing whether Kim is spinning out to be cautious or adventurous. It will thus be noted that a leader who is a risk taker may by a large extend be superior for North Korea and can help in building good relations with the rest of the world. Any key changes regarding the foreign policy in North Korea would necessitate enormous hazards to the state as a whole. According to the views of many, social, domestic and economic reforms in North Korea will involve a lot of risks. It is suggested that if Kim Jong Un goes past the political theater that has been prevalent for the last sixty years then he will actually necessitate great military strikes against the United States and the South Korea thereby threatening his country.

Buy custom Kim Jong Un essay

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