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The immigration system in America no longer functions well

This has forced many people hire workers who are in this nation illegally. The number of such people in America is estimated to be 11 million. Such a thing is neither healthy for the economy of any country, nor is it good for the America economy as well (The Whte House(TWH), 2013).

Plans have been proposed by the president to put into place an immigration system that is effective. In this plan, there will be a legal obligation for any one who is not in the country illegally, to pay tax. Such people will also be subjected to a penalty if they fail to do so. If these persons decide to become citizens legally, then they would be required to learn the English language, and have mandatory security checks done on their backgrounds. In this way, every legal entity and the person will be at par on the application of legislation (TWH, 2013).

This plan that has been christened as a plan of common sense by President Obama is based on four pillars. The four pillars are continuity in the enforcement of security at the borders, and Easing legal immigrations by individuals who seek to start businesses, or who would like to live with their family members in America. Others are giving people in America illegally a chance to follow the rules of staying in this country, and discourage employers from utilizing undocumented workers in the operations of their businesses (TWH, 2013).

This plan, similar to the vision by Thomas Jefferson will provide every person in America with a chance and an opportunity to line in the country peacefully. That is if they are willing to work hard. In the same way that Abraham Lincoln set slaves free, the plan will bring the illegal community in the shadow to the fore (TWH, 2013). Everyone in that shadow will have a chance of being in America legally.

The plan, if successful, would settle a number of issues

For example, the number of illegal immigrants would reduce as a result of the simplified system. The country would also benefit from more taxes. Lastly, some of individuals with extra ordinary talent would have a chance of living in America.

Buy custom Illegal Immigrations essay

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