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The Federal Bureau of Prisons aims atgiving protection to the society by imprisoning law breakers in the environment of controlled and community based facilities and prisons that are cost efficient, safe, and humane. These facilities and prisons also provide self-improvement opportunities to help inmates transform into productive and law abiding citizens.

Correctional Service Canadaprotects safety of the public by actively assisting inmates to become law abiding citizens while exercising secure, reasonable, safe and humane control.

Nevada Department of Corrections aims atprotecting the public by confining law breakers according to the law and ensuring safety for both the staff and inmates.

Mission Statement for Woodlands County Prison

The main objective of Woodlands County Prison is to give the society maximum protection by confining offenders in controlled environments so that they can live in a humane, secure, and clean surrounding. In addition, the prison intends to provide the correctional staff with an appropriate environment that promotes rehabilitation of incarcerated citizens (Baldwin, 2008).

The Ways to Control Inmate Behavior

The prison will provide security to the public by ensuring that inmates cannot escape or cause disturbances within or outside the prison facilities. It will also provide inmates with physical safety through controlled environments, which will provide them with security and protection from predatory behavior, violence, gang activity, weapons, and drug use (Gaes, 2004). Such measures will be achieved through the installation of metal detectors in the closed prison, and all visitors will be passed through the machine detectors before getting access to the prison. Screening of bags, packages, coats, and brief cases using x-ray scanners fixed at the entrance of the prison compound will also be ensured.

A drug detection canine unit has been established to prevent the flow of drugs into the prison. Mandatory drug testing, which includes saliva and urine testing, will also be used to help reduce instances of drug abuse in the prison. Targeted, random, and intelligence led cell and prison searches for contraband or electronics, like phones, will be conducted on a daily basis. To keep in line with the mission statement, the prison seeks to support and encourage the inmates’ efforts towards living as law abiding and productive citizens. Thus, the prison will provide them with learning programs, like woodwork, creative arts, and music drama, to make them relevant in the society once they will be through with their sentence. There will be twenty full time and six part time chaplains from the Catholic and Methodist churches. Their mission is to ensure spiritual nourishment of the entire prison society regardless of the denomination. Nurses and doctors will also be available to provide mental and physical services to prisoners.

The prison aims at providing a favorable environment for the correctional staff to develop by giving them an environment that is free of discrimination. All the above mentioned measures will be achieved through the good staff relationships, where people respect each other and perform their responsibilities without fear of assault or injury (Bozeman, 2007).

Buy custom Mission Statement for Three Different Prisons essay

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