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Precautionary acts refer to actions taken by a party with an aim of hampering or defeating a forensic effort. This significantly hinders development of an accurate criminal profile of the offender. Such offender choices are usually made before an offense, during and after the offense with an aim of concealing the offenders’ identity in connection with the crime that is committed (Criminal Profile, 2001).

The case in question is the murder of Gaetano and his wife Maria

In 2001, the couple was murdered in Melbourne. Gaetano was found dead by the police in the kitchen bearing multiple and crude force traumas on the head. Maria, his wife, was found dead outside the house bearing the same traumas and having her face smashed on the cement many times. The couple had $200,000 estate where the only heir was their son. In the prosecution, it was found that precautionary acts had been evident, and the scene had also been staged (Turvey, 2000).

The son had tried to manipulate the scene so that he could confuse investigators to thinking that the murder was conducted by a robber. He removed things on the drawers and dismantled the top glass cover of their metallic table, trying to indicate that a burglar was searching for valuables in drawers and wanted to carry the expensive glass cover.

While the above staging could have been interpreted as intended by the offender, he failed to have a complete scene staging. It was evident among investigators that no burglar would dismantle the expensive glass table top and search drawers in search for valuables, yet more expensive items such as cash and jewels were found spread on the floor. Eventually, such precautionary acts did not hinder development of criminal profile and the jailing of the offender for 28 years.

Buy custom Precautionary Acts essay

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