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Additional story I have chosen to read is Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway (1927).

This story takes place on a train station in Saragossa, Spain. This station is located within the Ebro River Valley (Hemingway 571).

The main characters are: a male who is simply referred to as the American, and a female who is called Jig.

This is a story about a young couple who are torn between procuring an abortion and ensuring that pregnancy is carried to term. They discuss this issue while waiting for a train to depart for Madrid. Just like a train can go on any side of the rail, this couple can make a decision either to carry the pregnancy to term or to opt for abortion (Renner 28). This couple loves traveling and drinking beer, and because of these hobbies, having a baby may present problems to them.

It appears that the young woman, Jig, is prepared to settle down and start a family. On the other hand, the man wants her to abort the child. Afterwards, he tells Jig that life can continue just like it was before if she aborts the child (Renner 34). Jig opts to have the child because she does not care about anything else. However, she may lose her boyfriend who is against the idea.

In my opinion, the man should be more concerned about the fate of the unborn child and his girlfriend than about their passion for alcohol and traveling (Hemingway 572). The girl appears to be stressed by the choice she has to make. Although the man is not openly asking her to procure abortion, he implies that their happy lifestyle will be disrupted if they keep the child. This story has a moral lesson for people of all ages to set their priorities correctly. Because this couple knew they were not ready to settle down, they should have opted for various family planning methods, if such were available back then. Further, women should be supported by their partners in whichever decision they make, no matter whether they want to abort or keep the unborn child.

Buy custom Hills Like White Elephants essay

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