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Janie’s relationship to her grandmother known as Nanny in the story “the eyes were watching God” is like that of a mentor to a mentee. Nanny wants her granddaughter to achieve what she and her daughter Leafy were unable to achieve. That is why she tries to make a correction to Janie’s perceived path in life when she feels that she would end up being like leafy. Nanny believes that a woman has to get married and be part of a family with a husband as the head (Hurston, 11). However, this is not what Janie really wants. We can say that she is somewhat afraid and respectful of her grandmother since she accepted to marry Logan Killicks even though she had no feelings for him. Janie’s aspiration is to marry a man that she loves.

B.)Janie’s relationship with Logan Killicks and Joe Starks

The relationship between Janie and Logan Killicks is like that between an employer and a laborer. This farmer whom Nanny prefers for Janie as a husband does not need a loving wife, rather a laborer for his tough duties in the farm (Hurston, 27). We can also conclude that this makes Janie dislike him because eventually, she goes away without permission with Joe Starks to start another marriage (Hurston, 41).

In her marriage with Starks, Janie realizes that she has ended up in another marriage that is devoid of love. Stark only wants her as a wife for the purposes of prestige and attaining his ambitions politically. She is to give the image of a wife who does not have any shortcomings. However, Janie is not allowed  to socialize with the locals outside the setting of their store (Hurston, 71).We can say that despite the lack of love in Janie’s marriage to Starks, which is similar to the one before to Killicks, the husband appears jealous. He is afraid that someone else may win the love of his wife Janie. The two relationships help Janie realize that she would love to marry a person for their true love and not money or position; this is what happens after Sparks dies.

Buy custom Janie-Nanny Relationship in 'The Eyes Were Watching God' essay

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