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Marie Cardona is portrayed as a beautiful girl

Meursault likes her because of her good physical appearance and loving. This is evident when she frequently kisses Meursault in public. She is also portrayed as a simple guileless and undemanding girl (Camus, 6). The author explains how Marie loves swimming and watching comedies. She also desires to be in an uncomplicated marriage, love and adventurous social outings preferably at the beach. Marie is also very loyal to Meursault even when he is in jail, “Marie came over as we’d planned” (Camus, 9).

On the other hand, Raymond’s mistress is described as promiscuous. "It was clear that she was cheating on me. So I left her" (Camus, 6).We get to see Raymond confiding in Meursault about how he wants to teach his cheating girlfriend an ultimate lesson. Raymond’s mistress was a Moorish (Arab), and Raymond had planned on how to humiliate her as a sign of revenge. She became aggressive after Raymond had spat on her. She slaps him on the face leading to a nasty fight between them.

The two characters, Marie and Raymond’s girlfriend, had some few things in common

They both loved sex. They also had good physical appearance. From my opinion, Meursault is misunderstood. This is because he appears very attentive even to the smallest details, “I’d been right I was still right, I was always right” (Camus, 9). He does not also believe in life after death and mask his acceptance or calmness of death. He is described as a detached deathly honest guy, who is reluctant to lie in order to save his life, and a simple man whose moods were dictated by the powers of nature. He is a totally independent man who could not accept God or any of the community’s formulas for happiness. There are also some disturbing characters in Meursault’s life. We see him being very honest to the extent of not lying to save his life. He is employed by a shipping company which has not helped him a lot, but he is not even interested to find better opportunities for growth. He also sends his mother to a convalescent home far away without that feel of guilty.

Aside from the Nazi occupation, what happened and why does it still trouble the French today, the German invasion and the plague were the events which took place. This weakened the French army who were subdued by Germany, hence the rise of Germany as a superpower. This incident troubles France up today since it lost its sovereignty to the Germany’s Aboutism stands. This is in contrast to the contemporary poetries of linguistic abstractionism or verse containing no more than local anecdotal significance, and whose context is restricted to the expressive self rather than connected to the world (Camus,108). The Algerian settlers were against the extremism and violence, and they were justified to go against these as moralities in political choices were ethical in essence.

Buy custom Marie Cardona essay

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