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Diphenhydramine is the medicine that is prescribed for people who have problems with sleeping

It is prescribed to patients who manifests allergies like fever associated with hay and the common cold. It has also been used as a relief for motion sickness and throat irritations. Diphenhydramine is only used to provide relief to this condition, and not as a form of treatment. It is in the family of drugs known as antihistamines. This medication works by providing a barrier to the way histamine acts in the body resulting to allergies (Peking University Library, 2010). It should not be used for making children sleep. The medicine goes by the brand name Benadryl and has several other generic forms like Aler-Dryl and Allermax.

When prescribing Diphenhydramine for lack of sickness, it is to be taken when one is retiring to bed for the night. Diphenhydramine comes in the form of tablets that dissolves so fast, syrup, and also capsule. There are a number of precautions that a patient should notify his or her doctor before taking Diphenhydramine. This may include: one’s allergic condition to this medication, any other medications that the patient maybe taking, and pregnancy conditions. The patients should also inform the doctor or nurse in case they are to have surgery. However, there are no special instructions on the diet for the patient. When administering this drug as a nurse, Diphenhydramine should not be administered with other medicines for cough or congestions of a respiratory nature that have it as an ingredient. This may result to over dosage (Deglin et al, 2011).

Some of the side effects associated with its intake are the feeling of sleepiness, nausea, headache, constipation, and having shortness of breath. Some of the serious side effects that compel the patient to stop taking Diphenhydramine include: the development of swollen lips, face, and experiencing difficulty in breathing. Cetrizine and ventolin could be used to relieve such symptoms. When used to relieve allergies, Diphenhydramine is taken after every four to six hours. In the case of motion sickness, it should be taken half an hour before the ride (Deglin et al, 2011). The average cost of Diphenhydramine is about $ 20 for a bottle containing 600 tablets of 25mg, which are enough to last a whole month. 

Buy custom Diphenhydramine essay

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