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One of the evolving concepts within healthcare system is an Electronic Health Record (HER). It entails collecting information about health of populations and individuals in a systematic manner. iPatientcare is also referred to as Medical Communications Systems (MCS). It is the leading company in providing electronic healthcare information according to healthcare information and medical informatics (iPatientCare, 2013). The Electronic Health Record (EHR) offered by MCS allows customers to source for a third party billing of their preference. It offers clients more medical options, and hence necessary flexibility to meet unique needs associated with practices across regions and countries. Physician management software sold by MCS has won several awards including CCHIT 2011 certification, nine TEPR trophies, and highly ranked EHR program (iPatientCare, 2013).

Due to the evolving nature of the medical community, the software is updated frequently in order to meet new demands from users. In addition, the system helps inpatient and ambulatory healthcare providers keep their practices compliant with required standards (iPatientCare, 2013). The superior technology used here entails Electronic and PM system, service-oriented architecture, ASTM CCR for interoperability and HL7 CCD which is available to both iPad and iPhone. EHRs from MCS have several advantages.

These include the following:

  • Improved operational performance due to better regulatory and legal compliance especially in terms of patient confidentiality and data security;
  • Societal benefits such as ability to conduct research due to increased data availability;
  • Increased satisfaction of physicians with their present practice which leads to increased retention of qualified professionals in the medical field.

However, few potential disadvantages have been identified. These include:

  • Changes in the work flow;
  • Financial issues and short-term reduction in productivity during the adoption period;
  • Concern for patient’s loss of security and privacy.

All said and done, the advantages of the MCS far outweigh its disadvantages.

Buy custom Electronic Health Records essay

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