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Many people argue that there is no God on the basis of the presence of evil in the world

They argue that if God is all loving then why He, in any way would allow suffering that is its fruit (Divis and Bruskewitz, 1997). However, there is little or nothing that can be associated with reasoning in such an argument. Rather it is more of emotions, especially when a person is undergoing problems. First let us look at the types of evil that exist.

There are two kinds of evils, evils that are moral in nature and the other that can be described as being physical. The evil that humans are responsible for, and which are done willingly can be described as moral. Examples include stealing and being unfaithful in a marriage relationship. Physical evil is not usually resulting from a mortal, but rather due to the things that we can consider as being natural disasters and things that humans cannot influence. Examples include sickness, death, and earthquakes. People ask why God creates evil people (Divis and Bruskewitz, 1997). The answer to this question is that God has His own ways of making people knowledgeable, and allowing them decide. As for the suffering that is as a result of physical evil, an explanation can be given that they help in the natural operation of the world. For example, a headache may alert us that we are ill (Divis and Bruskewitz, 1997).

However, the above response may not be wholly satisfactory

Some of the physical suffering serves no purpose at all to people. For instance, the natural outbreak of a forest fire renders many living things in the jungle homeless. Why would God allow an earthquake to cause so much destruction on earth, yet we are told that he is an all loving God. Such like questions has not been tackled well with this response.

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