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The enrollment of 3-4 years old to the early education programs has radically increased since 1960s

The enrolment has increased because many families work for long hours. The benefits of quality programs in early education have been championed by public and  responses have also increased the enrollment. Subsidies for the child care have increased over the past years. However, families with low income are offered the necessary funds. These funds remitted to the parents help them to secure the desired centers for child care. The services provided and the populations served usually bring about variations in the health centers. Most programs take five days in a week where services are provided to the children while  parents are at work. The growth of the early education programs has also been due to the result of the government’s constant interest to financing and developing programs of the prekindergarten education all over the country.

This course has trained on how to become professionals in early childhood, to understand the growth and development of the young child and to give positive guidance to the child. The course helps to develop the understanding of culture, family and individuality of the child and also to realize the importance of safety and health of the child. The course teaches one to be a professional in early childhood because you are able to identify behaviors that differ from those associated the normal early childhood. It helps one to know the importance of early intervention in the child’s life. Professionals are able to assist the family in giving the necessary advice at early stages of child’s life. It stimulates the child to get consistent and make good interactions with health and care. Early childhood education helps the professionals to learn the techniques how to communicate sensitive issues to the young children, deliver an ongoing support and provide social skills that are important to the children.

A course of early childhood development helps in understanding the basic notions of child’s health

The preschoolers are at their stages of refining and developing most of the motor skills because they mostly use their legs and arms in playing and moving. Study of puzzles, art and craft requires use of their fine motor skills. Early childhood education helps one to understand the early child behaviors which show growth both physically and mentally. Therefore, the teachers understand that playing activities are the crucial factor in the growth and development of the child. The teachers allocate time for creative plays that help to mould the kids. They allow them to play with their friends or alone and let them exercise in drawing pictures among other activities.

Education on early childhood helps in understanding the health and safety of the kids. It is the key requirement for preschool teachers to be well-educated on issues concerning and revolving around the health of the child. According to the study of the early education the children should be provided with regular exercises, sufficient sleep and good nutrition which entail the healthy lifestyle of the child. Therefore, this course helps the teachers to be sensitive to the heath issues of the child. Good heath ensures that the kids are active and participate in all fields that involve both curriculum and extra-curriculum activities.


Early education usually aims at improving the academic skills of the children which revolve around improving the abilities in early literacy and language. It also teaches children environmental skills concerning emotions and social way of life. Educational programs at early age help in producing substantive developmental gains to the children. The early childhood teachers should have profound knowledge in this sphere and remuneration should serve as a motivation. The teachers should emphasize on intentional instruction and teaching methods through the use of well-planned curriculum, as it helps the children to understand how to become successful within the school setting.

Buy custom Early Childhood Education essay

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