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The “Hip Hop Generation Fights Back” by Doctor Andreana Clay, illustrates how young people can come up with their own modern or new ways of protesting. In these protests, they incorporate certain aspects of their lifestyles, such as hip-hop, as well as the spoken words. Most of these young people are from the minority groups who feel that they are receiving unequal treatment as compared to their Caucasian age-mates in America. These young people use strategies that had not been used before to get this inequality addressed with the aim of getting a rectification (NewYork University (NYU) Press 2012).

Andreana wants the reader to comprehend what the young people in San Francisco believe an activism to be. She goes out into the streets and interacts with two youth activist groups in the Bay Area of the city. The two are namely, “Teen Justice” and “Multicultural Alliance”. The objective of these two groups is to enable teenagers to express their opinions no matter the social class or background. The book lays some emphasis on how the youth tackles issues that are related to their race, social class, sexual orientation and gender. It also depicts how the pioneers of activism in this part of the city, such as Huey Newton and Harvey Milk, have impacted onto this generation. Andreana looks at the hip-hop culture and its influence on the youth’s perspective. It is apparent that some personalities in this culture, even though dead, still serve as icons and sources of inspiration for these young people. The youth are generally well informed of the things that happen in their neighborhood. Most of the issues revolve around police harassment, which is perceived to be anchored in one’s race and social class (Chi Chi 2013).

There is an important sociological aspect that can be seen from the book

The sociologist in this case went out of her way to interact with part of population expressing its  grievances in its new way. This enables her to find out this group’s  understanding of activism, and how it comes up with its own contemporary ways of activism. My sociological view is that this activism is all about prejudice to some citizens or residents by the authorities on the basis of their social class or race. So for the teenagers’ viewing Tupac as an Icon, it does not surprise me. I also have the view that this activism is not enough since it excludes issues such as sexuality.

“Housewives” is video on the women’s movements in America about fifty years ago

“Feminism” is another video about women’s movements today. The makers have utilised a type of narration, referred to as “voice of God”. The narrators used quite and still voice which captures the interest of the viewer. In both videos, there are interchanges between scenes of demonstrators, both in the past and present day, as well as “Talking Heads” of prominent women who have risen against any form of discrimination. The viewer is thus able to compare between what the cream of the women are saying, and standby the common women whose the only avenue of demonstration is the streets. The soundtracks used are also very inspiring in the two clips. The two videos clearly bring out how women’s movements have evolved to this day. I believe that both clips are very effective, as tools of promoting equity in gender and the rights of women.

Buy custom Hip Hop Generation Fights Back essay

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