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This paper seeks to explore how the performing arts act as beneficiaries of the banking system in the society. In the paper, various terms like the depositor and depositories for the teacher and student respectively will be referred according to Paulo Freire’s talks about how the banking system applies to education.


The arts that meant for performance before many people include circus, drama, music, and opera to mention a few. The persons who perform them before the masses are referred to as performers. There are many other people who contribute to the making of performances possible; for instance, those who write the scripts and who are not cast.  However, the focus of the majority of the audience is on the artist who is performing, and whatever he or she is doing on the stage (Davies 3).

The Depositor and Depositories in the Education System

We can correctly say that performing arts are a form of entertainment that the society utilizes. In the book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, in the second chapter, Paulo Freire talks about how the banking system applies to education. He uses the terms depositor and depositories for the teacher and student respectively. In the same way, the performing arts are able to achieve their objectives in the society.

The Objectives of Performing Artists in the Society

First, let us examine the objectives of the performing artists and their performances (Davies 4). These artists and their work aim to entertain and to raise awareness on certain issues in the society. How then can we confirm that this form of art is a beneficiary of the banking system as described by Paulo Freire in his writing?

Performing arts are not the only way the audience can be entertained, nor the only mediums available through which issues in the society can be highlighted. There are other mediums either cheaper or more direct in the conveying of message compared to the arts. The potential audiences can go to watch football games as entertainment. Moreover, the messages relayed through the plays and dances can be put on posters in places that the public can access. The reason why this medium is popular is how it connects with people.

After the final whistle of a football game, all that matters is the score; whereas in the performing arts, the level of performance’s convincing is important. Unlike a poster, a similar message utilizing a captivating play can be more effective since most people would easily relate the message to what happens in their lives. We can say that the performing arts utilize the effectiveness of Paulo Freire’s banking system so well. The artists are the depositors while the audience is the depositories (Freire 5).

Relationship between Performing Arts and Banking System in the Society

Audience can be compared to the depositories of a bank that just wait to be filled. They simply take in what the artists perform before them together with the themes in them. Hence, few of them even think of coming up with performances of their own: ones who manage to become artists or important people in the performance procedures. In this sense, we can see that there is a little creativity on the part of the audience, just like Paulo stressed about many students in the system of education (Freire 5).

We can also add that Paulo’s concept of being conscious can be applied here. The audience can only relate to the world in the performance of the artists, and are mere witnesses without playing any part in it. They just take in what has been defined to them by the artists in their performances (Freire 14).

Consequences of the System in the Society

What is the significance of this aspect to the society, and how does it aim to improve society? Most of those who take part in these performances would reveal that they began practicing or performing arts at an earlier age. Thus, let us start at this point: look at how important they are to young people, especially children. First, we cannot underestimate the importance of this aspect of our society even though most people have shied away from actively engaging in it courtesy of the banking system explained by Freire. Consequently, there are never sufficient performing artists, and this makes such individuals enjoy massive following.

By Paulo Freire, there are many benefits that a young person who engages in these performing arts in defiance of the banking system. However, the most useful amongst them is the stimulation and nurturing of creativity. Children are able to come up with new ways in which these arts can be performed and messages conveyed. Such children learn at an early age to have broader perspectives in whatever they set out to achieve in their lives.

Children who take part in these performing arts are can build on their self-confidence, which is important for their future development. They are able to present subjects that most members of the public pay little attention to and bring them to the fore which is an important attribute. As a result of the nature of these arts, the artists become self-disciplined because of the amount of practice that is required to achieve the best standards of performance (American Assembly 17). By being able to excel in their performances, young artists develop the ability to motivate themselves whenever they set out to accomplish a goal.

Performances are usually drawn from many cultures, which enable these young people to appreciate the differences between communities. These children know how to deal with their anxiety from experience that they have seen on the stage before, and the assurance they get from the audience once their performance is successful. Their ability to memorize, which is an important part of learning, is developed. Finally, the performing arts are important for the youth who would wish to enhance their skills in music and languages, which are advantageous to them (American Assembly 17).

That is not a secret the performed arts play a role of great significance in the society. The above examples mostly relate to the young people who have just begun taking part in them. For the older generation, the significances are also huge. However, it is important to stress first that Paulo’s banking system has greatly increased the importance of this aspect to the society. It has done this by ensuring that as long as most people do not want to engage in creativity, performing artists would always be in high demand. Furthermore, there will always be enough audience as this continues since many people would rather remain in the audience than in the cast or the team involved in the production.

Performance arts are important in many aspects

One of them is exchange between different cultures. Therefore, communities are able to understand and appreciate more about other cultures, and in a way that is not full of so much tension (World Economic Forum). Performance arts have a feature of doing away with tension in people’s lives. These artistic pieces also enable us to relieve the anxiety that we sometimes fill because it moves on with life. Persons can get information from the entire world on different aspects of life, as well. The performed arts have a hand in influencing the development of the society.

The artists question: what is perceived to be the norm in the society? They also seek to enlighten the society on certain issues that afflicts it. All over the world they are seen as mediums through which changes can be attained. For example, musicians have used their music to help bring peace in areas that have been afflicted by war. They achieve this by bringing together artists perceived to be from the two opposite sides of conflict. In the health sector, we have seen the use of various artistic forms in psychological patients, and also in helping in the relief of trauma in people who have been victims of an aggression in the community (World Economic Forum).

Performing arts go much further than the above explained

They strive to market the aspect that they intend to communicate and be understood by other people. Thus, they are able to act as vessels of change in the society. They accomplish this task by risking their well-being as a result of opposing forces. Performing arts have a great influence on the culture of many people in the globe, and, in addition, it is adhesive that helps in holding the humanity together. They also enable people to sensibly think of the happenings and occurrences in their lives.

Apart from the importance of the performing art to those who act as the depositories according to analyzed concept, there is also the importance of the depositors who are artists. The depositors do not include only artists, but the other technical people who are involved in the productions, too. What is more, these include persons who compose those songs, dramas, and many other forms of the performance arts. Such people benefit in the material sense that is for those who have taken it up as a profession to earn their daily bread (McCarthy, Brooks, Lowell and Zakaras 124). Besides, they gain in terms of developing their talents in any area of production ones have chosen to participate in.

Moreover, they are able to get exposure on the various aspects of the society that their productions try to highlight to the public in performances. The artists and technical staff involved in the performances also get to appreciate other cultures which are good for their relationships within the globe other than their own society. Additionally, entertaining people makes the artists feel appreciated, and thus be able to lead happier and more satisfied lives (McCarthy, Brooks, Lowell and Zakaras 124).

Performed arts that are touch on the innermost part of the human beings’ existence. Most of the time, they try to find out how people identify themselves, and what their consciousness really means or signifies. Paulo Freire touched on the issue of consciousness in his work on education as a banking system. The same issue is important for a person who wishes to take part in the performing arts. He or she has to use his work to ensure that it is in line with human culture, which cannot be underrated in this life. Artists have to ask the questions that their work will address in the society. Such questions are usually of great importance to any society (Guetzkow 5).

Performing arts have some other significance generally: like they assist in the definition of the society today, and those that existed before. For example, we are able to know about Aristotle in the ancient society of Greece. We get to know of the part he played in early philosophy and the learning process so many years after that society has ceased to exist. Another example is Chopin’s nocturnes that tell of the Russian role in the country of Poland long ago. The artists who compose such pieces of artistic work enable the generations in future to share in whatever emotions such happenings meant to them in these societies (Kaptain 20).

The artists can gain some mastery in the course of their performance which they would find useful as they engage in other professions. For instance, the discipline that is necessary to be consistent in practice to be better in their performances and remain relevant in the world. One more their ability is to visualize whatever they would like to perform enables them to be more creative in the other areas that they would participate in later. Thus, performing arts play a part in the development of manpower that is creative, which is good for society, just the way Paulo Freire says in his work (Guetzkow 4).

How Performing Arts Changes the Life of Artists

We can look at an example of how performing arts change the life of one artist in particular. In the documentary Don’t Look Back, Bob Dylan moves from singing folk into rock songs (Ebert 7). This artist begins his journey in music by first of all playing acoustics on his box guitar. This is an implication that he is still an armature at this stage. He is no longer interested in playing folk songs, and wants to move to mainstream rock. Dylan has seen it all in terms of acoustics, from the audience to the scenes that they encountered during their performances. He has to change fast or else he would not be able to survive in the music industry (Ebert 7).

Bob Dylan is an example of a person in the performing arts who is conscious of the world around him just like Freire puts it. He realizes that for his survival he has to be creative, and he uses his own creativity to entertain people besides creating a living for himself. This way, he can achieve his goal only by moving to the performance of rock since he feels like he does not want to perform folk songs anymore.

We can visualize this artist going against the banking system as indicated by Freire in order to remain relevant as an artist. He decides to join what he can do best so that he can leap more from it. In this way, Bob avoids being relegated to being a depository like his audience and many others around the world. This is what it means for one to be creative and relevant in the performance industry. The banking system has a mode of weeding out the depositors who have lost their creativity and turning them into depositories.


Just like in the banking system by Paulo Freire, both the depositors – the teacher and performing artist – seek to fill something into their depositories represented by the student and audience. The former depositor intends to do this with knowledge while the performance artist with his creative pieces of work. The two depositories are however not active even as they receive knowledge and entertainment respectively.

We can thus not refer to such a student as educated in that sense

The other depository will also be unable to become a depositor that is a performing artiste as long as he maintains this passive stance. In this sense, the performing artiste will continue to enjoy large audiences till the time that most of the depositories become depositors. The new depositors not only have to realize they can become depositors, but also have to ensure that their thinking is original so that they can appeal to others who will be their depositories.

Inasmuch as such a change would promote the development of new talent among the performing artistes, there is a danger that the number of these new depositors is too many. Then numbers of depositories who enable the performing artistes earn a living by having large audiences would reduce significantly. This means that the incentive to become a performing artiste because of the income and passion would also go down. Consequently, the industry would be in danger of actually turning into more of a hobby and a past time for the artistes which might not be that good for its sustainability. In summary, performance art has been in part sustained by passion of the artists but largely by inadequate amounts of artistic creativity.  

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