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Technology, which is defined as the use of innovative ways to revolutionize resources into useful products, has had extremely positive impact on the history of mankind. Particularly, the introduction of computer and the Internet in particular have transformed the way we communicate, share as well as access the information and simplified the learning process (Garrigos & Carrasco, 2011, p 66). As a result, this paper will demonstrate media through which academic and other scholarly materials are shared in both the traditional as well as in digital platforms.

Learning processes have evolved from postindustrial ones to the information technology and knowledge era. Many changes have taken place including paradigm shift between the traditional context and the information technology and knowledge platforms. For instance, in the traditional platform, knowledge as well as other academic and literally materials were purely taught through oral and were mainly theoretical (Garrigos & Carrasco, 2011, p 68).

In addition, the methods of learning were derived from things such as devices for presentation and instrumentation. Methods of evaluation consisted of activities such as pragmatic assessment, psychometric study and socio-anthropological surveys (Garrigos & Carrasco, 2011, p74). Moreover, learning instructions were based on text books, lectures as well as individual written assignments and could include oral recitation.

However, in the digital platform, the Internet enabled social networks such as Facebook; Tweeter and MySpace to possess the  key aspects of learning through mass media. Most learners are turning to ‘Google’ for instance, which has presented much information and capabilities to learners. Internet based resources have resulted to loss of creativity as well as reading culture and ability to think since the Internet avails answers to every inquiry. This mode of information access has been termed as rewriting learners’ brains and behavior. Moreover, learning in the digital era is project based on using resources such as the Internet, library and outside experts (Garrigos & Carrasco, 2011, p 67).

Buy custom Technology and Its Impact Universally essay

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