Terms and Conditions 

Submitting a Refund Application

  1. A refund option is available within 14 days after the deadline expiration. As to plagiarism-related cases, there are no time frames for refund requests. Nonetheless, a credible plagiarism report proving the assignment is plagiarized is to be delivered to us.

*Such checkers as Turnitin, iThenticate, and WriteCheck are among reputable plagiarism detection systems. Correctly formatted direct quotations, parts of project i.e. questions, references, and table of contents cannot be referred to plagiarism. SafeAssign.com should not be used as it identifies direct quotes/references as plagiarism. Comments on plagiarism written by the customer are not considered credible proof.

  1. The company has nothing to do with plagiarism detected in parts created by the customer in continuation projects. Only the text written by our writer is scanned for originality.
  2. If a user is unsatisfied with the assignment, a thorough analysis of the case will be made by our Refund Department and a respective report will be provided. In case client’s request is justified, a partial/full refund will be issued by the company. Within 3-4 business days, a customer will be responded.


  1. A 2-day (48 hours) time frame after the deadline expiration is a period for submitting free revision applications. When this period is over, a compensation order will be required. If the assignment is amended by the writer at no cost, future refunds are impossible.
  2. There are 30 days for a free-of-charge revision of the projects including 20 or more pages.
  3. A no-cost revision is impossible if initial guidelines have been modified by the client. If extremely important order documents are provided after the assignment has been done (or during the writing stage), it will be required to compensate writer’s work by placing an additional order.
  4. When opting for a free revision function, a new deadline should be imposed and broad revision guidelines should be provided. Taking into account the complexity of guidelines or inability of order reassignment, a revision procedure may last 24 hours. However, the agency will take all measures to deliver the corrected project according to the set deadline.
  5. In order not to miss any messages from our managers or the writer, clients’ emails/profiles are to be checked regularly. Sometimes, customers do not indicate a full set of requirements when placing an order. A client is responsible for providing vital order directions when filling in an order form (or if the writers requests).
  6. An “Extended Revision” can be chosen by customers when submitting an order. It will cost only 30% of the price charged for the order. Therefore, a no-cost revision period can be extended from 48 hours to 14 days. Mind that revision request should satisfy original order specifications. If no revision request is made, an extra charge for the "Extended Revision" is not returned.

A Full Refund

  1. If a client is double-charged or submits the same order mistakenly, a 100% refund can be granted. One needs to contact our Support agents to ask to delete an extra order.
  2. A 100% refund is to be provided if no writer is found for the order.
  3. In case of receiving a full refund, no papers/texts prepared by our service can be further used by the customer.

A Partial Refund

  1. In case of stating an improper number of pages during the order placement process, a partial refund can be requested. A part of the paid sum will be refunded according to the word count peculiarities.
  2. If an inappropriate writing level is chosen (e.g., College instead of University), the refund percentage can be reduced by the Refund Department.
  3. A refund rate will be recounted if the given instructions do not correspond to the order description or messages).
  4. Order cancellation with the assigned expert: 

Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline


*When the writer is assigned and there is only 30% of the initially stated deadline left, a user cannot cancel the order.  Furthermore, order cancellation is not possible after the finished project is uploaded. 

All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.


Late Verification

  1. If no answers are provided to the questions of the Financial Department aiming at justifying customer’s identity to avoid online cheating, the deadline for paper completion begins right after the needed verification is received. Customer’s duty is either to approve deadline extension due to late verification or submit an additional order so that the writer’s work on the hot project is compensated.

Word Count Issues

  1. No visual page count is possible. Only a number of words matters (300 words per page). However, technical assignments are not counted in the same way as they contain calculations mostly. In this case, the price is based on the complexity of requirements and set by the Writing Department.
  2. PowerPoint Presentations. Users should pay for the speaker notes. Such an option can be selected when making a PPT order. There are 100-150 words of speaker notes below each slide.
  3. Online tests and multiple-choice questions are calculated basing on the number of questions (5 questions per 1 page). For example, a 3-page order is to be placed in case the assignment includes 15 questions.


  1. Compensation is required for early delivery. If a user wants to get a project earlier, its price will be recharged and a customer will be requested to place an additional order. If the writer does not mind delivering an assignment before the deadline without an extra payment, no future refund can be given.
  2. If the project has been delivered after the deadline without customer’s permission, a partial refund can be provided. The difference in payment will be calculated once more according to the “Pricing” section presented on our website.

Order Type

  1. When using our services, an appropriate assignment type is to be picked (e.g., a client selected a “Research paper” instead of “Book review”). If no order payment is received, a refund cannot be provided.
  2. When dealing with “Rewriting” orders, a writer rephrases the client’s text. If a user wants additional research to be done, new sources to be added, or new sections to be written from scratch, a compensation order is to be submitted.
  3. We do ask customers to check their profiles/emails to see whether there are any notifications from the support representatives. Punctual responses from clients are highly appreciated, especially when the topic picked by our writer is to be approved.