Take Advantage of Our Editing Skills

Although a dissertation is academic piece of writing, it has much in common with a fairy tale. Just like fairy tales, a thesis describes a journey of a protagonist, who is, in this case, a curious and skillful scholar. He/she faces a problem that is not, however, a cunning monster or a dragon with three heads, but rather a complicated situation that urgently needs a remedy. The protagonist gathers information about the problem, tries to solve it using scientific methods, and eventually finds a solution explained in a discussion section. Then, a lesson learned from the story is outlined in a conclusion. It sounds familiar, is not it?

However, in all fairy tales, there is always a helper that assists the main hero to overcome all the barriers. Cinderella had the Godmother, Shrek had a Donkey, and the Scholar needs an Editor. A professional editor is a person who possesses excellent editing skills, understands the difference between dissertation proofreading and editing, and is ready to apply this knowledge to assist the scholar to get the highest grade. If in your journey to obtaining a degree you need such a kind of helper, take advantage of the best dissertation editing services available at Great-Dissertation.com.

What Quality Dissertation Editing Looks Like

Decent thesis editing services like ourselves revolve around educated editors who have many years of experience and skills to work on various topics and disciplines. They understand the process of writing a dissertation, know the peculiarities of academic writing, and are able to make your paper impressive. A usual editor will correct grammar and punctuation mistakes in your paper, and that is it. A qualified editor will assess the quality of analysis, adequacy of evidential support, as well as the appropriateness of structure of all the sections starting with a title page and ending with appendices. He/she will make your text pleasant to read, not only grammatically accurate. If it is what you need, use our dissertation proofreading service with reasonable dissertation editing services rates.

Copy Editing Versus Proofreading

Before choosing a custom writing service, be sure to check dissertation editing services reviews and determine whether having paid for editing, you will indeed get editing or just proofreading. The latter implies the check of grammar and spelling. Editing, however, is a more profound process, and you need it when it comes to a dissertation. Our company knows the difference and may demonstrate it in practice. Order editing from us, and we will check:

  • Grammar (subject/predicate agreement; tenses usage; spelling; punctuation; active/passive voice; British/American spelling).
  • Stylistics (wordiness; the instances of repetitiveness and word/phrases redundancy; clarity of ideas expression; brevity; word choice that corresponds to the subject under consideration and target audience).
  • Organization (quality and diversity of sentence structures; appropriate paragraph division; accuracy of paragraph structure; logical layout of sections; the presence/absence of vital structural elements).
  • Coherence (improvement of ideas flow and general readability of the text).
  • Tone (language neutrality; absence of sensitivities related to culture and politics).
  • Citation (assurance that all unoriginal information is cited; appropriate format of in-text citations/footnotes).
  • Style (adherence to any of formatting styles, i.e., APA, Harvard, Chicago, MLA, etc.).