How Much Can I Save If I’m the Friend Who Doesn’t Drink


Do you agree that not touching a drop of alcohol as a student really saves you that much money? Certainly, it does. It even must do! To tell you the truth, not drinking alcohol means that a huge expense in your student’s budget is cut out. However, can we consider that cut to be so influential? In fact, I’ve just managed to complete ...

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Top Countries for Study Abroad


Everyone knows that studying in American colleges is one of the most expensive in the world. Many applicants look for alternatives. Many prestigious universities offer good education at affordable prices in other countries. Here is the list of the best places for studying. GERMANY Until recently, tuition at German universities ...

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Useful Tips on Dissertation Writing


Would you like to get to know how to write an impeccable dissertation? Frankly speaking, this is only possible step by step. It’s a well-known fact that writing a dissertation paper is a significant university project because it is a final task. What is more, it is written not only by undergraduate, but also by PhD students. As a...

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Mental Health of PhD Students


Student life is full of extreme and stressful situations, so Ph.D. learners often experience stress. The vast majority of young people have mental problems due to a large amount of information, the lack of systematic work, and, as a rule, tension during the exams and tests. ...

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Kinds of Friends You Need


If your conversation inside your friend circle consists mostly of the phrases like "Hi! How ya going? What are you gonna do?" "Fine! I dunno. U?", it is high time to make new acquaintances. For this reason, we have gathered some types of friends that will unequivocally spice your life up. Are you ready for new adventures and experiences? ...

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