Studying psychology, you are diving in the amazing depths of human emotions and thoughts, one of the most incredible things in the world, human behavior. The deepness of the human mind provides various specialties. The diversity of psychologist jobs gives the students interested in psychology a great number of career options. With Child and Developmental Psychology, you are able to reveal a person’s life-long psychological growth, Forensic Psychology, for example, allows you to discover the workings of the criminal mind. Let’s look closer and find out what careers in psychology are the most popular ones.

Most Popular Careers in Psychology

Having doubts what specific branch to choose when you want to get a psychology major, it would be very useful to know perfectly what each branch deals with. Then you know perfectly well what aspect of psychology interests you most. Follow our suggested overview of some of the more popular fields of psychology.

Child & Developmental Psychology

The process of changes is something everyone faces throughout life. The certain crucial developmental stages from infancy to old age are the main Developmental Psychology’s subject. A developmental psychologist examines what an individual’s mind experiences during different periods in life.

Through Developmental Psychology, you will discover the life stages under a scientific eye. The Developmental Psychology will be perfect for you if you are intrigued by the psychological growth of an individual. Though someone might attach great significance for childhood development, this branch is also related to adolescence, adulthood, and old age. It is no way means that if someone has decided to take up Developmental Psychology, they are limited to child psychiatrists and the like. They also may become great life coaches, social workers, and nurses for elderly.

Counseling Psychology

Counseling tends to be the most widely-known application of psychological principles. Social workers, guidance counselors, and therapists are the only a few of the professionals who undergo training in counseling psychology. Though criminal rehabilitators, marriage counselors, and other such problem solvers may need basic training in counseling.

A great care is of a great importance due to the delicacy and variety of the human psyche. The task of counseling lies in healing any mental or emotional pain, no way worsen it.

Counseling psychologist is a one who has the ability to heal the wounds reasoned by trauma and distress in the most respectful and safest way ever. If your desire is to help people live healthier and happier, you should definitely give Counseling Psychology a chance.

Forensic Psychology

How the criminal mind ticks? And what are the reasons for crime? When something starts going wrong? Forensic or Criminal Psychology will offer you the tools to find the answers. A criminal psychologist can predict the next steps of criminal offenders by discovering their behavior patterns and motivations.

The foundations of rehabilitation are also presented in Forensic Psychology, with the help of which the law-breakers will hopefully become productive members of society. Take this specialization into consideration if you do want to dive into forensic science and later become a criminal investigator.

Social Psychology

This particular branch deals with the way psyche cooperates with others in the environment. While psychology most often studies the way and reasons for an individual’s psyche formation, Social Psychology studies the psychology of being social.

As we are living in a social world, the way society affects our psyche and vice versa is a great need. Everything that concerns an interaction – why have you been forced to act a certain way, what effect your actions may have on other people, or even the reasons why you find certain people and things attractive, is the subject of Social Psychology. Social psychologists study the network of human social interactions in order to understand and make the society better as a whole.

With their hope to improve the society,social psychologists become great social workers, social analysts, relationship counselors, and even media executives. This is the most social science of social ones for sure.

If you feel like a real people person and would like to nurture that aspect of yourself, this branch of psychology will definitely be a great pleasure for you.

Clinical Psychology

Almost everyone struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, and even harmful behaviors. Sometimes an individual wants to have some time on their own to stay alone with his/her thoughts, and sometimes there is a need of someone else who will just listen to you and help you deal with confusing and complicated feelings.

In certain cases, some life changes or traumatic events can prevent a person’s ability to lead a positive and healthy life. Providing such people with the skills to cope with those things so that they may be able to lead a more fulfilling and healthy life.

With the help of individual therapy, clinical psychologists guide their clients through the hard times of their life, helping them to overcome the most challenging stages of life. Clinical psychologists help couples to focus on skill building, improving communication, and increasing awareness, as the ability to maintain and create meaningful relationships is of a great significance for us as human beings. Group therapy sessions might be also offered occasionally.

About one-third of these specialists work in health care facilities, while the other third have their own practices. A decent number of clinical psychologists tend to work with clients, the long hours, on weekends and evenings which is often exhausting for sure. But you can find the other career options with much more flexible hours, including teaching, or working with corporate or governmental agencies.

Psychology is a multifaceted thing the same as the human experience is. Every psychology field is like another planet with its own rules and laws, which are meant to deal with human thoughts, emotions, and behavior. It depends on you which “planet of this whole world of psychology” suits you best!