If your conversation inside your friend circle consists mostly of the phrases like "Hi! How ya going? What are you gonna do?" "Fine! I dunno. U?", it is high time to make new acquaintances. For this reason, we have gathered some types of friends that will unequivocally spice your life up. Are you ready for new adventures and experiences?

  1. An Ultimate Hypeman

This category tops our lists simply due to its value. This person is the one who will believe in you when you will doubt your abilities and knowledge. He is the one who knows your areas of weakness and vulnerabilities yet encourages you to meet the challenge. Once you have risen to it, he will first open the bottle of champagne. How can you get along without him?

  1. A Friend with a Car

Have you ever declined the invitation to the party only because it has been too far away? Do you want to have someone who will whisk you away to the shore for a couple of days to recharge your batteries? Are you fed up with being late to the party because you were trapped in the sardine cans of public transport? All above-mentioned has one obvious solution - a friend who has a car! Find someone with the same taste and you will have a unique opportunity to travel comfortably with a friend.

  1. Not Just a Friend

Do you have a friend of the opposite sex with whom you have had many special moments? Did your ex hate this person for some inexplicable reasons? If both answers are "no," we strongly advise you to find one as soon as possible not barely for having your own Monica x Chandler moment. It does not matter is it a long-realized crush or friends with benefits relationship - it will add additional colors to your life and create many warm memories.

  1. A Friend Who Will Shape Things Up Around You

Do you feel like you need someone who will give you a magic kick and stop your lazing around? Being a couch potato is not riveting, so look for the friend who prefers adventures to tedious evenings in front of a laptop or TV. He knows where the best bar or restaurant in any city is, when free museum days are, which festivals are worth visiting, and many more. Spend some precious time on exploring the world around you!

  1. A Friend Who Will Introduce You to the World of Sports

People with painted faces and colored scarfs are sitting on the edge of their seats (both literary and physically) watching how the man in the helmet does the things with his foot. They are screaming, screeching, and rooting for their favorite team! A big friendly family of sports fans always intrigues you, but you have not given a thought to joining them? Why not give it a try? Make friends with somebody who will invite you to this family!

  1. A Friend Who Shares Your Strange Obsessions

Are you a true fan of "Supernatural" or any another series? Stop being just a viewer and find a friend who will ship you off to the convention. Do not be afraid to hit the road or to arrive at the destination point! There, you will find like-minded people whose interests are akin to yours. There, no one will judge you on your enduring fixation! Be yourself and be free.

  1. A Friend Who Encourages You to Do Outdoorsy Stuff

Does your friend circle consist of various categories of people but all of them either prefer to stay indoors during the weekends or work shifts? Moreover, are you the one who wants to enjoy the beauty of pristine nature, breathtaking views, and marvelous landscapes? What can you opt for in this situation? Try to infiltrate a group of people who go off the beaten track every other weekend.

  1. A Friend Who Teaches You Sweating and Socializing

From the very first glance, itmight seem that sweating and socializing are mutually exclusive. This person will take you out of the cardio room at all costs. He understands the boredom of your treadmill exercises so will encourage you to join his clique. Those people will show you how to spend time together either doing sports or playing games. "Sweating & socializing" is an integral part of their life.

  1. A Friend Who Is Responsible for Photos

Have you ever heard that a person, who has the photos from the last party, rules the world? That is the truth. What is more, your friend can make perfect photos being not a professional photographer. He knows how to make the exact selfie you are yearning for and stores on the laptop some photos from the bygone era when you were young and needed money. Thanks to this person, you will not forget any moment of your life!

  1. A Friend Who Likes Specific Viewing Parties

It is never late to watch the movie in Italian. You, as well as your friends, may not speak Italian, but who says that the point is in understanding the plot? Grab a bowl of nachos and order some pizzas - you are ready to spend some time on the couch watching, commenting, and laughing. By the end of the evening, you will become good buddies!