It is widely known that meditation brings the physical and mental health benefits, something that any spiritual guru has known more than one thousand of years. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of meditation, but meditating as easy as it looks? How to meditate if you find it hard to concentrate and not move? Meditation is definitely something that needs your efforts and full concentration in order to do it the right way. You might find it a hard task to manage, but still, there are some ways that can help you to sit still and concentrate even it’s the hardest thing for you ever.

Everyone is aware that to mediate effectively you have to clear your mind. You try to do this, and you may not succeed, and then the only right decision seems to you to give up on practice. But do you know that meditation isn’t about that? It no way means having no thoughts. It goes about becoming more aware of the thoughts that come to mind. Is it possible to master the art of meditation? Yes, of course! Anyone can do that, believe me! It’s quite simple if you do want to know something that every spiritual guru knows.

Check out the following ways how to meditate more effectively even if concentration and sitting still aren’t your strong suit

Make it regular

If mediation isn’t your daily habit, you can find it hard to dedicate even a few minutes to quiet your mind. It’s a common thing. There are no doubts that the act of sitting down requires your willpower. But if you make meditation regular, it will become easier. According to the study, nearly 66 days will be enough to make it a habit.

Have your meditation space

Why should you do that? It’s very simple for sure. When you have a regular space for your mediation, you the same way remind yourself to do it every time you see that space. You can strengthen your habit simply by having a set-aside area. Make sure your chosen space is a proper one and you won’t be disturbed during the process. Keep in mind that any interruption just spoils your meditation. You’ll definitely find the idea of meditation more attractive and enjoyable one if it is a pleasant and quiet space.

No one says it must be a special meditation room, no way. Everything you need to start your meditation practice is a cushion on the floor or an upright chair.

However, some additional little things like candles, plants, and relaxing essential oils are great as they do help to calm your mind. It needs to be something that works for you, something that will help you switch into a calmer state of mind.

Breathe properly

A proper breath matters a lot, almost every meditation practice starts with the breath. Your breath is a starting mechanism for meditation due to the several reasons. Firstly, no matter where you are and what is going around, you always can take a deep breath, it’s something available to you every single minute.

Secondly, your parasympathetic nervous system is triggered by deep breathing. This system might be called the rest and digest system. Your body and mind become more calm and relaxed, your heart rate slows when this system is triggered.

Before you start your meditation practice, you should take a few deep breaths. One essential thing to keep in mind, you have to feel your belly rise fall every time you take a breath. By the way, it’s a great thing to do any time you feel anxious or stressed. It’s a helpful practice to calm yourself down whenever you feel you need that.

Take baby steps

Meditation practice as any other one requires time and patience. It won’t work straight away. Everyone can master the art of meditation, but it needs practice and time for sure. Take baby steps, it is recommended to start with just five to ten minutes of meditation.

Simply sit on the floor or in a chair, choose what is more comfortable personally for you, and start breathing. Remember that your breathing should be deep. Concentrate only on your breath coming in and out your body. Do it so as there is nothing else in the world right now, only one thing matters, your breathing. Thoughts will come to mind, it’s a common thing, don’t worry. Do your best not to focus on them and just let them go. Any time a thought springs to mind, it should be as a wind that is blowing. Let it go immediately. It’s not as simple as it might look like, but still return your concentration to your breath.

Only a few minutes every day of this simple practice will help you to make it a habit. As soon as you see improvement, you should increase this time 20 minutes. A real change in your body and mind is guaranteed.

Keep your eyes slightly opened

People tend to meditate with their eyes closed. But for you as a beginner in this practice, it might not work. When you close your eyes, you are likely to start daydreaming. That’s why it is recommended to keep your eyes slightly opened during the meditation process. This way you are able to focus on something, such as a lighted aroma candle.

The guided meditations available online

There are lots of guided meditations available online which will be very useful for any beginner. These Guided meditations are of a great value for anyone who finds it hard to concentrate and master the art of meditation.

Join a class

If you don’t find the idea of online guided meditation an exciting one, then maybe you need to find a class. It might be much easier for you to do it with a teacher who will guide you through the mediation routine. Besides the teacher who’ll show you the secrets of effective meditation, the class will also provide a routine on your practice.

If you really struggle with sticking to a regular meditation routine, it could be helpful to find a class. Having a teacher will help you to learn effective meditation techniques. The class also provides a routine and focus on your practice. Meditation classes and groups can be a very powerful experience; even the most experienced mediators tend to join them.