Conclusion Chapter for a Dissertation

What Exactly is a Conclusion?

The conclusion to a dissertation is the last section in this substantial  research project. In fact, a well-written conclusion can be the deciding factor in whether a dissertation is a success or not. Turn to a decisive factor in the overall dissertation success. When writing the conclusion for a dissertation, it is important to restate and add:

  • What it is the dissertation intents to accomplish;
  • How the writer’s original thoughts and ideas are developed and/or reinforced over the course of researching the project;
  • Whether the hypothesis was fully proved or was disproved e.g. whether the research problem or question has been answered;
  • The significance of the project and how the author’s work has contributed to the field the dissertation relates to;
  • Suggestions for further improvement;
  • Recommendations on how future studies can continue to contribute to the writer’s research.
  • When writing the concluding section for a dissertation, it is important to allow sufficient time near the end to really get everything right and done properly.
  • Specific features of writing a conclusion for a dissertation

A strong, solid conclusion for a dissertation should generally make up 10% of the overall number of words. The aim of this section is to add completeness to a piece of research and finish everything off on a strong note. If a conclusion is to be successful, it should present

  • a well-rounded view of the topic
  • make reference to any value-added opinions of other experts in the field
  • provide objective analyses of the entire undertaking.

It is also appropriate for the author to provide their personal opinions and thoughts on the paper’s subject matter.

Why does Writing a Conclusion for a Dissertation Seems Problematic?

One of the key challenges when one starts to write a concluding chapter is to not just repeat what has been said in the earlier sections. While this chapter is sometimes seen as something of a déjà vu chapter, a good conclusion should summarize the entire dissertation in an elegant and succinct manner and the writer should explain the meaning of their results or findings. You should additionally beware of making any new claims that were not addressed earlier in your paper nor should you introduce any fresh ideas or concepts in this chapter. Exaggerated or unsupported claims can lead to the writer losing credit after their considerable effort. Introducing new materials in a conclusion can give the impression of a mismatch between the introduction and closing sections and/or that the writer has not properly defined at the outset the argument(s) or points they intend to address.

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