Discussion Chapter for a Dissertation

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This article deals with writing the discussion section for a dissertation. It could be argued that writing this section is the most difficult part of writing a dissertation. However, it is the section your readers will be most interested in. In fact, the discussion chapter comprises the bulk of a dissertation’s main body. 

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The discussion chapter of a dissertation is the paper’s largest section and the hardest to go about writing. We recommend you include all or most of these elements below:

  • A short recap on your paper’s central thesis
  • A short recap on your research results
  • A detailed discussion about the results and how these show that your thesis is valid and a further discussion about any results that contradict your thesis.
  • Some discussion showing how your research and related results are very important and how these fit with current research and theories.

In this chapter, you may also recommend any additional research you think might be beneficial in the future. Not only should your readers find this helpful, but also it demonstrates the level of your thinking and that you are quite the expert in your subject. You will be looking at practical application and setting out the next steps. It indicates your qualification is well deserved. 

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