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Writing a dissertation is a challenging task, especially when it comes to choosing a topic and conducting a thorough research on it. When a student fails at some of the initial steps of carrying out research and exploring the topic in detail, the dissertation will most probably be doomed for failure. As such, one of the core steps in writing dissertations is to identify the area you would like to conduct research in and find suitable credible sources for further exploration. Afterwards, you need to come up with a strong and clear research question for the paper.

Topics for media dissertations need to be appealing to the target audience. Actually, you need to choose a fairly new topic but at the same time ensure that you can find sufficient outside sources for the research. Your faculty will really appreciate it if you could find an innovative topic and contribute to the media research with your own investigations in the sphere. Still, when providing any new aspects or concepts, you need to back up your suggestions with solid evidence.

In this article below, you will find a brief list of media dissertation topics suggested by renowned London professors. Hopefully, the topics provided below will help you take a fresh look into some of the aspects that were not researched by you before. The topics encompass a wide variety of spheres, namely journalism, music, mass communication, censorship, freedom of thought and expression, social network, and government monitoring among others.

Journalism and Privacy - Media Dissertation Topics

Journalism refers to the art of masterfully reporting events and keeping distance while having to deal with privacy issues. The core question in journalism sphere is what to report and how (to what extent). Privacy in journalism has become a controversial and debatable issue, as it is important to identify the boundaries where journalists should stop. Our experts in dissertation writing will help you choose the most appealing topics that will interest your audience.

  1. Delivering news about celebrities and other prominent people. The issue of privacy: are celebrities victims of the media or do they use media for their own benefit?
  2. Princess Diana car accident: why paparazzi have not been banned yet?
  3. Does the UK journalism adhere to privacy policies and laws when reporting about celebrities’ lives?
  4. Is it possible that prominent people restrict the right to confidentiality?
  5. Is the breach of privacy used for the benefit of gaining readership and popularity among the public?
  6. What is the connection between readership and private lives of celebrities?

Journalism and Freedom of Expression - Media Dissertation Topics

Journalism and the freedom of expression are interrelated things as it is hardly possible for the former to survive without the latter. Our expert writers have devised a list of topics related to freedom of expression within the realm of journalism. Some of the most interesting ones are the following:

  1. Investigate the link between responsible reporting of events and journalism.
  2. Are posts in social networking sites regarded a kind of journalism?
  3. Why is there restriction of freedom of expression in regards to reporting news on political upheavals?
  4. Should the UK journalism draw experience from German and Canadian journalism policies?
  5. How can you evaluate the watchdog policy that maintains freedom of expression at the background?
  6. How to draw boundaries between freedom of expression and infringing privacy rights of individuals?
  7. Can data protection policy be applied to tabloids?

Media, the Artist and Censorship Topics of Dissertations

Media is a means of expression. As such, censorship is necessary to realize the relevance and credibility of information. Further, an artist is considered a carrier of expression of information. Therefore, we have provided a list of topics that address the artist’s standpoint in dealing with censorship.

  1. The role of state control in media access on the gender basis. Draw from Iran’s experience and perspective.
  2. Can restricted access to the Internet serve as a proper example of ugly censorship?
  3. Are the artist’s rights of expression restricted when censorship rules are applied?
  4. On the basis of what criteria can one decide whether the artist’s works comply with censorship principles and rules?
  5. How should the monitoring process be performed when it comes to evaluating the artist’s work in accordance to censorship principles?

Media across Cultures Dissertation Topics

The importance of media in cross-cultural communication has recently become a burning issue. It holds specific importance especially within the realm of increasing cultural exchange and the globalization process. The topics worth discussion are the following:

  1. The role of Big Brother in culture amalgamation.
  2. Do media face injustice under the authority of the UK cultural police?
  3. How knowledge of various cultures and cross-cultural interactions make media topic interesting?
  4. Is subversive censorship a tool to impact the rating of certain channels?
  5. How news coverage and reporting on global sports events (e.g. Olympics) aid in enriching intercultural experience?

Culture, Music, the Artist and Intellectual Property

Media plays a crucial role in music and artists’ promotion. It also helps in gaining more in-depth understanding of intellectual property and artist’s rights. Among topics worth discussion are the following:

  1. Is music privacy resultant from the initial violation of property rights?
  2. Musicians’ role in promoting cross-cultural exchange and music across different cultures.
  3. Can intellectual property rights guarantee originality of artists’ work?
  4. In what way does culture influence music promotion across boundaries?
  5. How does the process of music promotion during music festivals and concerts help spread the art of music across boundaries?
  6. Is it a prerogative of a country to felicitate its maestros?

Communication in the Digital age - Dissertation in Media for Scholars

Media is the communication carrier and with the help of exploring topics on media in communication age one can investigate various aspects of media. Some of the interesting topics regarding media communication are the following:

  1. How can social media communication narrow the gap between mass communication and personal communication?
  2. How can media communication be used to make bring cultural awareness across boundaries?
  3. Which mode of communication is more effective: offline or digital?
  4. How to critically evaluate the economics of communication channels when it opts for broadcasting something globally important?
  5. How to ensure effective budget communication to guarantee better media reach? The role of media guide.

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