Topics for a Dissertation in History

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  • Why is the Crimean War classified as modern one? What event was the start of the end of this conflict? What was the role of religion in this war?
  • What factors led to the First World War? Why was the Europe of the early 20th century so disunited? What was the rivalry based on? How did it contribute to the commencement of the war? 
  • What was the impact of Great Depression on the political life and economic prosperity of Great Britain? What were the main problems and what solution were applied by the government? 
  • What was the role of Great Britain in the Second World War? When did it started for this country? 
  • What are the causes of the Nazis’ collapse? How did Adolf Hitler manage to maintain power for such a considerable period of time? 
  • Was Mussolini’s influence in Italy as strong as that of Hitler in Germany? What economic, social, and political factors can explain the discrepancy/similarity? Can the period of Mussolini’s control over Italy be considered prosperous for the country?
  • Did the unification of Italy allow to reach the set goals? What was the role of other countries in the unification process? How did it influence further development of the country? What challenges did the united Italy have to face? How were the issues remedied? 
  • Why did the Second World War start? What events that took place beyond Europe led to the conflict outbreak? Why was the acceptance of the US to the Allies so rapid? How did the US affect the outcome of the war? What are the turning points of the war and why?
  • What were the main problems in Russian society in pre-Stalin period? How were they addressed? What are the differences between the approaches of Stalin and Lenin to ruling the country? 
  • What are the common and distinctive features of fascism and communism if the policies of Hitler and Stalin are to be examined? Are they the same when political doctrine is regarded?
  • What led to the perception of the USSR as an enemy by western countries upon the Second World War? What are the key events that provoked the change of the state’s status?