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People have been fascinated by literature for ages and showed their love for certain literary works and accomplishment of certain authors in various ways. Writing a dissertation in literature belongs to methods of glorifying favorite poems, novels, or plays. Students who are willing to do it too should just select one literary work or a series of works written by one author and subject them to analysis and critical evaluation. The objects of research might be the typical style of the writer, stylistics devices used, themes touched upon, etc. In a nutshell, the number of topics to write English dissertation on is immense. If you have troubles selecting one, we may help.

Topic Suggestions

Seventeenth Century Literature. This period of history is characterized by revolts, rebels, and rapid changes in the society. Obviously, the way literary works were composed back at those times was impacted by these events too. Therefore, all poems, short stories, novels, satires, etc., of the seventeenth century are extremely interesting to examine. For example, you could write about:

  • Rise of metaphysical poetry through creative approach of George Herbert. 
  • Analysis of Paradise Lost as a sample of redemption poetry.
  • Influence of discoveries and inventions on literary themes and forms of the seventeenth century.
  • Anxiety and melancholy in works of Richard Burton and John Donne. 

Eighteenth Century Literature. The century was overwhelmed with ideas of patriotism, national pride, new or, better to say, modified religious views and practices. Life standards changed tremendously, and, of course, it was reflected in literature of those time. With knowledge about the peculiarities of the period, you may explore:

  • Modern novel writing in the eighteenth century: Analysis of main features. 
  • John Dryden as the voice of the generation of revolutionists. 
  • Development of comic literature and a new role of epic heroes in it.
  • Sexually explicit content in literature of the eighteenth century.
  • Satire as a primary genre of eighteenth century: Best examples and their analysis. 

Nineteenth Century Literature. When this period is concerned, English dissertation may be devoted to urbanization, industrial revolution, innovations, and technologies, or better to say, their portrayal in and influence on literary works. You may specifically focus on the examples of satire since it flourished over that time. Moreover, you may express your ideas about creations of the nineteenth century in English dissertations on the following topics:

  • The role and theme of religion in works of Elliott.
  • Rustic writing in literature of the nineteenth century.
  • Gender presentation in gothic novels.
  • The themes of love and miscommunication in the literary works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
  • Portrayal of provincial life and the role of woman in it in works of Jane Austen.
  • Topics of loss, love, and loss of love in Thomas Hardy’s poem. 

Children Literature. Children literature is a separate category that is of special interest to many scholars, as it requires exceptional imagination and knowledge of kids’ need and mindsets. If you choose to write English literature dissertation on literary works for children, you might investigate traditions and novelties in creating uncommon characters or, for instance, the role and quality of humor in such works. Other suggestions are:

  • Role of euphoria and utopia in literature for children.
  • Image of a beast in children literature: Analysis of key characteristics. 
  • The means of ridicule in works of Roald Dahl for kids. 
  • Elements of epic in children literature: Analysis of Harry Potter saga. 
  • Theme of adventure in works of Enid Blyton.

Writing Help from Professionals

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