How Long Does It Take to Write a Master's Thesis?

What is dissertation writing? This is a complicated but a necessary step to take in order to graduate and obtain a desired degree. It implies conducting an individual research about a chosen issue and writing a thesis that allows a reader to trace the process of its completion and evaluate your conclusions. The quality of research, depth of ideas, and the clarity of writing determine the grade for a dissertation and in fact, the outcome of your degree program. For this reason, a student should know how long does it take to write a master's thesis, what resources are necessary for its completion, how to write a methodology, how to cite a dissertation, etc. Fortunately, this short Master thesis writing guide will answer these and many other questions regarding this crucial work.

What Is the Good Dissertation Writing Style?

The first thing you should do to write a proper dissertation thesis is to find out what a dissertation style is and how you should write to conform to it. A perfect dissertation is written in an engaging and illustrative manner. In it, the writing is simple even though the topic under consideration is a tough one. It facilitates understanding and responsive reading of your master dissertation. In addition, the style should be coherent and cohesive. These characteristics ensure smooth flow and logical development of the ideas. In fact, coherence and cohesion are the keys to how to write a better thesis as compared to other students.

Finding the Best Dissertation Writing Style

The simplest and easily available way to get familiar with appropriate dissertation writing style is to check dissertation of accomplished scholars and other students, who received high grades. However, you are advised to look through this sample along with guides on how to write a dissertation step by step. It will assist in understanding how to approach the work and how to adhere to all academic standards correctly. Moreover, it will help you to learn about master thesis format. Besides, you should read a lot of other academic literature to grasp the strategies of convincing a reader.

While examining samples, as well as writing own thesis, be sure to do the following things in case you want a good-looking and interesting paper:

  1. Pay attention to details

No, we do not mean commas or font size even though they are essential too. This tip concerns subheadings and word repetitions. If there are issues with these two elements, the reader will definitely notice them. Therefore, be sure to compose such subheadings that are not wordy and reflect the content of a section. Then, if there are repetitive words or phrases, eliminate them or, at least, diversify to demonstrate an excellent command of English.

  1. Mind the length of sentences

There exists a common misconception that the longer the sentence is, the better it is since it seemingly shows the intellectual power of a writer. This idea is baseless, and in fact, long sentences are not appreciated. They are confusing, difficult to follow and, of course, understand. Thus, eliminate lengthy structures. Think of a reader, as it is he/she is the one to evaluate your dissertation.

  1. Cite

Pay attention that authors of dissertations always name people whose ideas they use. You should conform to this principle too. Not only it will protect you from being accused of academic dishonesty, but also it will show that you are aware of other scholars working in the same field, as well as current discoveries, and realize that your thesis is not worthy if isolated from other works.

  1. Diversify your bibliography

Do not stick to using only one type of source, for instance, books. There is a variety of sources that might be helpful in your writing challenge. Take advantage of journal articles, reports, statistics of different kinds, dissertations and theses written by others, newspaper articles, online publications, etc. Besides, you may use both primary and secondary sources. So, do not limit yourself!