Why it is Important to Write a Great Hypothesis

A hypothesis for a paper such as a dissertation is, essentially, a statement that predicts some outcome based on a theory a writer develops while conducting a piece of research. Generally, a hypothesis is developed and tested by students at doctoral level and they are usually part of assignments a student completes in order to graduate.  

The different types of hypothesis include:

  • The research type of hypothesis, also known as an alternative hypothesis, is usually based on a piece of research where a relationship is predicted;
  • The null hypothesis claims that a particular relationship is non-existent, and the writer must balance their findings;
  • The one-tailed type of hypothesis clarifies a particular direction e.g. an increase or a decrease;
  • The two-tailed type of hypothesis does not clarify any particular direction, it merely indicates change.

A hypothesis for a dissertation is usually composed before the writer begins looking for suitable and relevant information for their paper. Then it must be analyzed. Essentially, a hypothesis begins with any assumptions and/or questions the writer wants to test and, to do this, they must collect and analyze data over the course of conducting a particular piece of  research.

To be effective, a hypothesis should be clear and concise, which means getting to the point straight away without tiptoeing around the essence of the matter. Put simply, a hypothesis should be related to the main problem of a piece of work and the writer should present their findings for future work. It becomes clear then that formulating a hypothesis is an essential part of an assignment, possibly one of the most essential parts. Therefore, a considerable amount of time, thought and effort goes into developing a successful hypothesis. 

So, How Do You Develop a Successful Hypothesis?

Completing various types of research is almost always an integral component of every academic journey. Therefore, in the case of bulky and complex assignments such as dissertations and theses, it is important the student knows how to undertake these projects, not least that they are able to collect sufficient research materials, analyze data accurately, structure collected materials properly, format everything correctly, and so on. Of all the parts of such a project, it is important to pay special attention to the development of an appropriate hypothesis. Although it is not regarded as a mandatory chapter in a research paper, a hypothesis is a great advantage and can impact the overall score significantly.

Please keep these recommendations in mind if you want to develop an effective hypothesis:

  1. Firstly, please remember that a hypothesis is only applicable for the quantitative rather than the qualitative type of research since this type focuses on human nature and experiences and, in most cases, is testable.  
  2. It will be necessary to define the relationship that exists between your paper’s objectives and your hypothesis. Your primary claim or assertion should be unambiguous, yet related directly to the aims and objectives of your project as well as to the research problem or question, and it should convey your thinking in a clear manner.
  3. Make sure that any assumption you make is verifiable and realistic. Hence, before you begin to formulate your main claim, consider what instruments you will use to collect data, what methods you will use for crunching this data, and what methods you will use for operationalizing any project variables. In the event you fully understand how to measure your project’s variables and you are sufficiently skilled to convert these to numbers, you may continue to formulate your central claim.
  4. Additionally, you should note that it is obligatory to include both the null variety and alternative variety of hypothesis. It is also important to know that a relationship always exists between the variables under consideration. Consequently, it is necessary to pair hypotheses – the null hypothesis addresses a relationship’s existence while the alternative type is concerned with the absence of a relationship.
  5. Remember that hypotheses should be clear, concise and succinct. Since this is just a statement that the writer asserts, it should not be too descriptive or long. Simultaneously, while it may only be a sentence or two in length, it should be articulated clearly and structured properly.  
  6. When writing a hypothesis for your dissertation, make sure you choose appropriate words. Because your central claim is still to be proven, it is not appropriate to use the term “prove” at this stage. Hence, you will need to consider replacing this term with such words as “suggest” or “support,” choices that will show you are conversant with scholarly writing and can write in an academic style.

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