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A dissertation is probably the most critical or close to the most critical assignment, a student will ever write. And it is a task that is very tough. The writer needs to be capable of developing a thesis that is both original and catches the attention of the reader so that they want to keep reading. However, at the same time, you need to be able to answer your thesis.

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If the literature review you write is to be successful, it is essential you are as familiar with the texts you have read as though they were written by yourself. It is vital you understand every single word the author is saying to you or showing to you i.e. the smallest nuances, the motivations of each character, every item of sub text, and how the piece is grown and developed.

After reading, it is important you are able to associate and/or apply everything you understand about the different texts to your central thesis. Next follows the most difficult part. It is crucial you can find reliable source materials and the opinions of industry experts to support your views, while giving your ideas a unique angle.  

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Provided it is well written, a literature review is an extremely valuable part of a dissertation. However, a lot of people find this chapter difficult to write, even those who are passionate about literature and love the book(s) they are reviewing.

It is often extremely difficult for a writer to convert their ideas into a well-structured and coherent written piece that flows smoothly. Hence, important points are often missing or writers can develop the habit of repeating themselves. It is even possible you will stray off track and, upon re-reading your paper; you may find it scarcely has any bearing on your initial thesis.    

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