Top Nursing Dissertation Topics for Academic Success  

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Obtaining a PhD degree in nursing opens a wide range of career opportunities for students as they might get a unique chance to become researchers or work in the nursing field. Students can apply for numerous programs that are specifically designed for nursing specialty and further choose the topic for their future dissertation. Students are free to decide which aspect of nursing they would most like to pay their research attention to in order to write and defend a successful dissertation. The best piece of advice here, however, is to choose the topic that will be equally appealing both to you and your target readers.

A PhD program in nursing is a full-time course that requires students’ diligence, hard work, and dedication in the studying in process. Therefore, if you have decided to apply for a PhD program and obtain a degree in nursing, then you should know that you are expected to be consistent in fulfilling all of the assignments you get. Throughout the process of dissertation writing, you will get numerous shorter writing tasks, and therefore you are expected to work on them diligently. Actually, the dissertation project is really serious and decisive in final marks – as a rule, it equals to about half of the grades for the course.

Despite the fact that the list of topics and areas for the nursing dissertation may vary from one institutional affiliation to another, the broad topics classification remains fairly the same. This article contains a wide range of nursing dissertation topics that have already proven to be of immense help to students studying at nursing PhD programs.

How to Write a Dissertation in Nursing

When writing a nursing dissertation, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Make sure you have selected a strong, attention-grabbing topic that will interest your audience;
  • Make sure you address the topic clearly and consistently;
  • Keep in mind that you need to research your topic from A to Z and use only credible scholarly sources;
  • Mind the writing tone – the vocabulary should be sophisticated but not confusing;
  • Proofread the paper after writing to make sure it is free from context and grammar mistakes.

These are general writing tips that are useful for student both when they write ordinary research papers and complex dissertations. Still, the most challenging part of writing is to choose an interesting and engaging topic. Therefore, below are general ideas provided by Dissertation Writers UK on the most interesting dissertation topics for nursing at Global Assignment Help:

Clinical Management Dissertation Topics

  • The approach of clinical management towards the risks and problems of patients suffering from prostate cancer;
  • Geriatric care and perceived management problems;
  • Therapeutic treatment of drug addicts in prison settings in the realm of clinical management;
  • New ways of managing patients in the adult intensive care units;
  • Treatment of acute ischemic stroke and the ongoing coping with the outcomes;
  • Ways of controlling infectious diseases via possible clinical management interventions.
  • The impacts of contaminated drinking water on the public health in developing countries;
  • The social impact of HIV within the framework of public health;
  • Evaluation and critical analysis of health promotion interventions and its influence on the public health in the United Kingdom;
  • Investigate lifestyle interventions that could help tackle diabetes;
  • A pressing problem of binge drinking among teenagers and the ongoing problem of alcoholism;
  • Cancer prevention: public responses and approaches towards dealing with the disease;
  • Poverty as a public health issue triggering serious health conditions.
  • Community service practice as an instrument of promoting health;
  • The importance of collaborative practice of policy makers, social workers, nurses, and general practitioners in assessing the nutritional status of children;
  • Nutritional status assessment as an underlying way of dealing with health problems among children;
  • A comparative research of health care needs in relation to community nursing in various cities;
  • Provision of community nursing services for patients after surgery;
  • Critical evaluation of community nursing services provided for pregnant women and newborns.

Nursing Dissertation Topics on Global Health

Child Nursing/Community Dissertation Topics

Midwifery and Nursing
  • Do midwives have a say in impacting the process of decision making and facilitation of informed choices in women during pregnancy?
  • Evaluate the role of midwives in high-risk pregnancies;
  • The UK midwifery practice and the model of care applied;
  • What role does the midwife have in the management process of caesarean sections?
  • Midwives and the confidentiality policy in the UK;
  • Midwife practice and supporting role for pregnant women with substance abuse.

Topics on Health Organizations and Their Roles

  • Discussion and analysis of the UK public health policies as outlined by the Department of Health;
  • The scope of WHO focus on the health care state of developing nations and their pressing needs;
  • The National Institutes of Health and current trends in research funding;
  • The role of WHO in implementing policies in regards to children development;
  • The role of the National Health Service in health care provision to the elderly. Measure its effectiveness;
  • The role of the World Health Organization in providing health care services to patients in developing nations;
  • A report on the healthcare costs and plans of the world countries.

Evidence-based Practice

  • The use of knowledge management and evidence in clinical practice;
  • The implementation of evidence-based guidelines in the process of premium-quality health care promotion;
  • Research of the efficiency of evidence-based practice in health care;
  • Evidence-based practice as models for change in health care units;
  • Two-fold nature of evidence-based practice to nursing interventions in practical and theoretical realm;
  • Initiation of evidence-based nursing practice in the provision of health care for the geriatric patients suffering from cancer;

Dissertation Topics on Environmental Health

  • The influence of passive smoking on the changes in heart rate;
  • The role of environmental health prospects on the toxic waste disposal;
  • The burning issue of lung diseases resulting from air contamination in big cities;
  • Drinking water contamination and sanitary hygiene as the pressing issues in developing countries;
  • Environmental health problem of lead and arsenic poisoning. What preventive measures could be applied?
  • Nuclear wastes and their impact on environmental health dangers.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • Health of workers and its relation to occupational stress;
  • The role of occupational safety in the workplace;
  • Stress among police officers in the workplace and its long-term implications;
  • Management of safety needs and occupational health among professionals of pharmaceutical industry;
  • Psychological approaches toward occupational stress and health management in the workplace;
  • The pressing need of dealing with occupational health and safety problems in industrialized societies;
  • The growing workload and pressure in the global economy sphere and the resultant occupational health concerns
  • The effectiveness of conventional psychiatric treatment of patients suffering from schizophrenia;
  • Drug addiction and alcohol consumption and their effect on the mental state among teens and youth;
  • Comparison of psychological problems among the residents of rural and urban areas;
  • The impact of social pressure and bullying on the psychological health of LGBT communities;
  • The relation between suicide rates and mental health problems among youth in the urban areas;
  • Psychological needs and mental traumas of women subjected to physical or sexual abuse;
  • Provision of mental health needs to geriatric patients suffering from loneliness, apathy, and depression.

Mental Health

Nursing Theories and Models

  • The application of McGill Nursing Model in realizing the scope of holistic nursing practices;
  • Comparative analysis of the Roper Logan Tierney model, the Neuman system model, and the McGill’s model;
  • Significance of nurses and nursing models in dealing with changing nursing and healthcare needs;
  • Clinical decision-making process and the application of nursing theories;
  • The analysis of the Roper-Logan-Tierney model on the example of a case study of a patient taken to emergency unit. How can the model be applied in practice?