PhD Interview Writing

One should know that PhD interview questions are very complicated. Thus, answering them is not as easy as it seems. Writing a PhD dissertation is regarded as a great feat, as not every person can do such an assignment in the right way. Your interviewer has to be certain that you are the very person who can handle the mentioned writing project successfully.

In order to help you answer all PhD questions correctly, we have made a list of points which you should or should not do during the interview.

In the interview, you should:

  • Advertise yourself. Feel free to express your personality to leave the board with a profound impression.
  • Communicate with the committee effectively to demonstrate them your communication skills.
  • Be self-confident. However, do not overestimate yourself, as there are applicants who are better than you are in undertaking certain activities.
  • Give tricky answers to tricky questions.
  • Avoid such answers as “yes” or “no.”
  • Since such interviews differ from each other, you should follow your own way when answering questions. There is no strict rule on how to respond to the committee’s queries.
  • Prove you have your personal opinion about different issues. When participating in the discussion, support your viewpoint with concrete facts.
  • Be competent. Thus, you will find a balance between being too sober and funny.
  •  Express a deep interest in the program you are going to enroll on. You should not pretend to be interested in the program just to get the desirable degree.
  • Collect information about the program you want to complete.

In the interview, you should not:

  • State you are aware of different subjects if you are not. It is better to admit that you do not know the issue the board is talking about rather than answer the question improperly.
  • Underestimate the significance of such questions as “Why have you decided to get a PhD degree?” or “Whom you think you will be in ten years?”
  • Be a passive interlocutor. You should also ask the board some questions.
  • Be too humorous. Not everyone appreciates humor, especially if you and the committee staff are from different regions.
  • Answer the questions in general. You should give direct responses to the posed questions. Thus, the board will understand you are determined and goal-oriented.
  • Wear strange clothes. Mind the dress code.
  • Pretend to be the person you are really not. Remember that the board does not like insincere applicants.
  • Get into a panic if you think the interview goes the wrong way. Note that in the majority of cases it is just applicant’s personal opinion that everything is terrible.
  • Use jargon words or slang. The board may not understand you, as they may be living in other districts.
  • Express strong emotions during the interview. Certainly, it is good to be enthusiastic. However, it depends on the situation.

Below, you will find the questions you may be asked by the committee. Browse each point to know what to expect in the PhD interview.

Common Questions Posed in the PhD Interview

  • Basic information – your professional qualification, skills, achievements, the features that differ you from other applicants.
  • Inspiration – Why have you decided to get a PhD degree in a specific field of study? Why have you chosen this educational institution?
  • Expertise – Do you have any experience that makes you the right applicant for a specific program?
  • Your PhD work – How do you intend to complete your paper on time? What if the obtained results will not meet your expectations?
  • Your aspirations – How the gained PhD degree will help you achieve your goals?
  • Your questions – At the end of the interview, feel free to ask the board the questions you want to get answers to.