Privacy Policy

We want to show our gratitude to everyone who uses our services. Our first concern is to make sure that customers’ personal information is protected from any violent activity. Our administration takes crucial steps to ensure clients’ personal data are not misused. To find out what pieces of information we collect, please continue reading.

During our online cooperation, our agency amasses data about:

  • Consumers
  • Webpage users

Details mentioned below are collected by our server:

  • Time the website is visited
  • Search engine type
  • System software

We do not pursue a goal of revealing clients’ identity by collecting such information. The gathered data are used to make the required customization of the website and be able to provide users with useful content. It does not go about sharing, selling, or distributing any pieces of information collected in this way.

Cookie Items

It should be admitted that we use cookie files. They are helpful in creating an easy-to-browse web resource. In addition, these files let us keep the latest statistics on visitors, the frequency of use, etc.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

The users of our service may be asked to give the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number.

Every customer needs to provide the items indicated above when registering on our website. When dealing with a client’s order, private data may be used only to get respective verifications required for carrying out a project (for example, a customer has not provided essential order specifications or the writer needs to get client’s approval of the chosen subject). Thus, we emphasize that correct contact information should be indicated on the customer’s part so that we are able to provide quality services. Only agency’s staff is aware of customers’ personal information which is never sold, disclosed, or shared with anyone.

Online Payment

We cooperate only with authoritative financial providers that keep billing details safe. Our Financial Department may reach you and ask for identity verification to prevent the cases of fraudulent activity.

Users’ Rights

You can change or delete your personal information from your account. Contact our agents to confirm the made changes.