Original Topics for Marketing Dissertation 

It seems that every marketing student studying in college or university is haunted by the idea that it is necessary to start working on a dissertation already. If you belong to their number too, it is not surprising or bad at all. It would only confirm the fact that the first step in this process is extremely difficult. One has to choose a topic with which he/she will deal for a very long time, and obviously it should be perfect. Sounds impossible? Well, we do not agree and can help with both selecting an excellent topic and writing a marketing dissertation.

How to Choose Topic Wisely?

Dissertation requires exceptional stamina, ability to work consistently, and a high degree of devotion as it is usually worth 50% of the compulsory work that a student should do. However, to ensure that these resources of body and mind will actually be applied to reach the goal, a student should not just fear to fail but rather be deeply interested in what he/she is studying. It is possible only if the topic genuinely appeals to a person. Then, the result will reflect his/her efforts, knowledge, originality of thinking, and analytical skills. To find such a topic for your marketing dissertation, go on with the following procedure. Believe it or not, it will help you to come up with the brilliant topic and excel with your marketing degree:

  • Start with collecting information about the aspects of marketing that you have focused on and liked most of all in the course of studies. 
  • Brainstorm ideas about what could be researched relying on the data gathered. 
  • Evaluate ideas, which you have jotted down, against the criteria of your educational establishment. The chosen topic should obligatory meet the requirements set, which usually include but are not limited to originality, innovativeness, and relevance.
  • Consult your supervisor or advisor. This person will help you choose a topic that meets necessary requirements and is neither too broad nor too narrow.
  • If hesitating between two or more options, take the one that allows you to show creativity and bring in some novelty to the field of marketing. 

We believe that with these tips, you will cope with a difficult task of finding the topic. You will eventually come up with the idea that is unique and enables you to strike a balance between two extremes, namely going off the beaten track and following the path that is already well-trodden by other academics. It means that you will have to find the topic that is neither studied too much by others nor seems to be the uncharted territory. In the former case, you will have hard times making own contribution, while in the latter, you will have no sufficient material to rely on. Yet, if the inspiration does not hit you and you can no longer wait for it to come, you may use one our free marketing dissertation topics.

Topic Suggestions

Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics.

This set of topics unites the ideas that would allow investigating behavior of consumers and understanding them, as well as their attitude to a brand, better. Thus, the dissertation in this sphere might be devoted to the following topics:
Why and in which ways does the continuum of traditional and relationship marketing change within an industry?
What are the factors that made loyalty programs successful? What expectations and motivations play the most important role in these programs?
How can retailers that are considered luxurious overcome barriers to switching?
Should switching costs be used as a way to prevent churn of customers in the industry of electronics?

Consumer Behavior Marketing Dissertation Topics.

If you are curious about psychology and would like to apply it in your dissertation, it is a piece of cake! You may decide to examine techniques and psychological cues that marketing professionals use to induce consumers into buying services and goods and, thus, bridge discoveries in psychology and marketing. These topic suggestions will help you in this attempt:

  • How to motivate people to share marketing messages with others.
  • Effectiveness of customizing products: Apple case study.
  • Influence of individual perception of control on brand choices: A case study of online buying. 
  • Impact of social and economic status of a consumer on brand choices.
  • The role of motivation in provoking patterns in buying behavior: A case study of smartphone market in the US. 
  • Gender and online shopping: The analysis of motivations and effects.
  • Effects of word-of-mouth on consumer behavior: Lessons learned from mistakes and successful practices. 
  • Analysis of variety-seeking buying and habitual buying behaviors in restaurant industry through the lens of geographical location.
  • Attitude of customers to value of assortment: Dell case study.

C. Branding Dissertation Topics.

Dissertation in branding would concern the image of a product or service that a company tries to create and the way consumers perceive it. Marketing experts develop with an aspect of marketing as it enables them to encourage customers to acquire specific attitudes and willingness to associate themselves with some brands. If you would love to make own contribution to selling experiences, this list of ideas will prove useful for you:

  • Relationship between product availability and brand image.
  • Brand sustainability based on innovations: Apple case study. 
  • Methods of achieving full acceptance of company’s brand values: Starbucks case study.
  • Relationship between brand equity and perceived risks in the industry of supermarket retailers. 

D. Intercultural Marketing Dissertation Topics.

Cultural values of a community in which a person lives have tremendous influence on his/her behavior, including that connected with purchasing. Furthermore, culture may explain consumer choices, alter it, and, of course, help to provoke specific reactions to goods and services. It sounds intriguing, is not it? If you agree, you might find exciting to write about one of the following marketing dissertation topics:

  • Influence of individualistic versus collective values on effectiveness of marketing: A comparison between the US and China. 
  • Language barriers and marketing: Case study of Swiss supermarket retailers.
  • Role of language in brand image and identity: Case study of Coca-Cola in China.
  • Usage of cultural and national identity in marketing to increase export rates: Case study of French brands.
  • Application of family orientation for the enhancement of marketing communications in Japanese tourism industry. 

E. Mobile Marketing Dissertation Topics.

With development of technologies, the sphere of marketing undergoes numerous changes. The spread of mobile devices plays a particularly significant role in these processes. As a result, mobile technologies are widely used for selling and promoting goods among people. Surely, a sort of new branch in marketing creates room for investigations. You may get involved in them as well using these topics:

  • Impact of marketing, which is based on permission, on international marketing campaigns.
  • Usage of mobile payment services by mobile marketers to bring in profit to a company: Case of Vodafone. 
  • Methods of increasing customer loyalty through application of customer relationship management (CRM) in the environment of mobile marketing.
  • Mobile marketing as a viral tool of promotion. 

F. Dissertation Topics on Social Networks in Marketing.

Currently, more and more brands switch from traditional marketing media to social networks in order to promote and sell own services and goods. Although the reasons for such changes might seem evident, there are many aspects behind these processes that require attention of scientists. Thus, if you want to be in trend even when writing a dissertation in marketing, one of these topics related to social networking should be your choice:

  • Effectiveness of banners in social networks in advertising: Comparative analysis of Facebook, Bebo, and Orkut. 
  • Usage of peace technologies for attracting users in social networks: Facebook case study.
  • Mechanics of using Facebook: How daily user’s activity, application valuation, and total installs become cash?
  • Influence of restriction on newsfeed on people’s attitude towards Facebook.
  • Role of reviews and comments in marketing: Analysis of hospitality industry.

G. Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics.

Direct marketing is a special type of marketing since it brings companies and customers closer than any other one simply because there is no intermedium between them. However, although there is no gap to bridge, it might be challenging to reach the set goals using direct marking as the influence with powerful atmosphere is impossible. The force of words should be only used. Interestingly, the same principle applies to dissertations. Nevertheless, with the following topics, reaching the heart and mind of faculty members will not be complicated:

  • Is direct marketing a mere transactional medium or an effective tool for cultivating customer relationships?
  • Factors that influence the efficiency of direct marketing.
  • Correlation between the availability of toll-free phone numbers and customer’s response to services.
  • Influence of length of promotional message in offline and online media on effectiveness of direct marketing campaign.
  • Response of consumers to long- and short-term offers and factors affecting it.

H. Topics for Dissertation on Marketing Ethics.

Like any other industry, marketing is not deprived of practices that are not considered ethical and negatively perceived by both general public and marketing experts. Therefore, businesses should exhibit transparency as well as honesty about components of a product or its efficiency when promoting own goods. However, for ethical standards to be uphold, marketing practices should be carefully examined from this perspective. Here are the suggestions about how it can be done:

  • Should a brand of Fair Trading be treated as misleading one?
  • Factors inducing people to make consumer choices in favor of the most and the least socially responsible companies.
  • Role of codes of conduct in shaping buying behavior: Analysis of Levi Strauss’s and The Body Shop’s approaches. 
  • Correlation between ethical awareness, purchase intention, and buying behavior: Analysis of batteries market. 

I. Topics for Dissertations on 4Ps of Marketing Mix.

Marketing campaign will be successful only it works as a system that is based on four vital elements, namely product, place, price and promotion. The ways these 4Ps may be applied and interact with each other constitute an exciting avenue for research. Here is what specifically you may pay attention to:

  • Influence of quality and amount of information on persuasiveness of advertisement.
  • Effects of overt international pricing strategy on brand image and identity: iTunes case study. 
  • Mitigation of repercussions of brand failures through public relation campaigns: Cases of Shell and Nike.
  • Creating awareness of unpopular brand through creative usage of the Internet: Comparison of websites and campaigns.