Up-To-Date Law Dissertation Topics 

When it comes to choosing a topic for a law dissertation, students should be ready that there is the lack of flexibility and no room for imprecision in this discipline. Consequently, the process will differ from that in other subjects. Therefore, before making the final choice, all relevant information should be examined: correctness of facts should be checked, availability of relevant cases in case law should be evaluated, validity of pertinent legislation should be verified, the most up-to-date sources should be found, etc. It should be done right before dissertation topic is to be confirmed since the field of law is prone to rather swift amendments and modifications.
If you need help with handling these processes of locating cases, searching appropriate literature, examining law dissertation topics, and other procedures related to writing, you may use the skills and expertise of our professional writers. Being highly qualified and deeply in love with writing, they may apply their mastery to help you overcome all writing obstacles and decently face a challenge of composing a flawless dissertation. Our writers, in fact, provide dissertation writing services for so long that they managed to single out several points that each student should know if he/she is about to write a law dissertation. Here is what they say about dissertation writing:

Tips on Selecting Topic

  • Before even starting to consider any topic options, be sure to get acquainted with the requirements of writing a law dissertation. Knowing the structure will help to make a decision. 
  • Do not select a topic that is just easy to write on. In the end, neither you nor your supervisor will be satisfied. Instead, choose the option that perhaps is a bit complicated but genuinely interests you and might appeal to the reader. 
  • The topic must obligatory meet the specific criteria of your educational establishment. Otherwise, no matter how innovative or creative it is, the paper will not be graded highly.
  • The topic should never be too broad or general. Neither should it be too narrow since the dissertation will be difficult to write and then read.

Free Topic Suggestions

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Dissertations in criminal law are called to examine and interpret concepts of criminal law, their application, and implications for the society as a whole and its legislative system in particular. A dissertation in criminal law will be exciting but difficult to write because of the controversies associated with topics. However, it is a chance to make a real contribution in the sphere of law, especially if you choose of the following topics:

  • Theoretical analysis in criminal theory: Types and application to the concept of crime.
  • Role of morality in criminal law: Cases analysis.
  • Modifications of international criminal law under the influence of terrorism and war. 
  • Boundaries of consent: Analysis of legislation on rape, its evolution, and reforming. 

B. International Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

Being specifically interested in the matter of cross-border law and fond of unravelling the mysteries of overlapping jurisdictions, our writers created a few topics that might please you if you share their passion of studying international commercial law. If your find exciting to discover the peculiarities of law of other countries, examining foreign trading policies and regulations, and assisting businesses to conduct their activities on the whole new level, you might to write a dissertation about:

  • Peculiarities of European Union Sale of Goods legislation and its effects on trading with countries that are not in the Union.
  • Analysis of commercial arbitration system and its evolution over the last century.
  • Comparative analysis of European and English contract laws and influence of differences on trade between the businesses of both countries. 

C. Family Law Dissertation Topics

If you decide to write a dissertation in family law, be ready that your dissertation should be devoted to such subjects as marriage, custody of children, voidable marriage, the rights of live-in couples, children’s rights, etc. You will have to examine the related concepts from various points of view and analyze recent case law in order to find relevant evidence. The topics that you may choose for your family law dissertation are:

  • Evolution of legislation regulating divorce and its influence of the rate of divorces.
  • Analysis of married females’ rights to properly: Does equality exist?
  • Application of orders to ensure rights of children: Types and implications.
  • Fighting domestic violence: How therapeutic and legal measures may be combined to stop abuse in families?

D. Company Law Dissertation Topics

Trading with services or goods should be done in a way that does not harm neither companies nor their clients. Their rights should not be limited, and all principles of fair trading should be fully complied with. Company law is a branch of law that allows to control these processes, and if you write a dissertation on a topic related to this field, you will make a significant contribution to numerous aspects of everyday life. The suggested topics are:

  • Analysis of laws that regulate activity of a public company in the US.
  • Analysis of legal constraints related to remuneration of CEO and aimed at limiting excessiveness from the point of view of corporate governance.
  • The concepts of a “shareholder” and “stakeholder” in the sphere of corporate governance. 
  • Rights of minority shareholders: Cases of prejudice and grounds for initiating proceedings. 

E. Tort Law Dissertation Topics

Tort law regulates the disputes that arise when the interests of some parties are harmed in the course of civil relationships. Since this law varies from state to state, it creates a foundation of in-depth and extensive research. The analysis of differences and similarities allows to detect deficiencies in the system of regulating civil interactions and ameliorate its functioning. If you are ready to bear such responsibility, pick one of the following topics:

  • The trend of compensating: Analysis of changes in the way civil disputes are resolved in the US.
  • Analysis of duty of care to children: Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Investigation on the standard of care: Analysis of Bolam v. Friern Hospital Management Committee. 

F. Intellectual Property Law Dissertation Topics

With development of technologies, there appeared endless opportunities for one to become a developer of a useful application or an inventor of a device. This tendency added much importance to intellectual property law that protects the rights of creative people from thefts of ideas and unlawful replications. If it sounds interesting and the words “patent” and “trademark” do not provoke you to yawn from boredom, you might consider a couple of topics below:

  • Methods of protecting intellectual property on the Internet.
  • Analysis of current patent system in the light of technological development: Is it high time for innovations?
  • Analysis of the US intellectual property law: Is the protection offered adequate and effective?
  • US copyright law analysis: How can the balance between the right of users and its holder be reached?

G. Employment Law Dissertation Topics

Employment law regulates all relationships that arise between an employer and an employee. Its role is especially significant these days as the world is fighting against inequality and discrimination of minorities. Any instances of unlawful termination of contracts, denials of one’s right to employment on the ground of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, appearance, or religion, unjust recruitment procedures, sexual harassments at work, etc., are to be controlled by this law. Moreover, these are the subjects to which you may devote your law dissertation. Find below more specific topics:

  • Employment of people with disabilities: Comparative analysis of laws in the US and the UK.
  • Contract of employment: Analysis of types, effectiveness, and necessity for modifications. 
  • Legal methods of controlling and eliminating the instances of indirect discrimination in the workplace. 
  • Overview of discrimination policies of the US businesses: Mistakes to be avoided and successful practices.