What Is a Dissertation Proposal?

A proposal for a dissertation (whether or not it is effective) has considerable influence when it comes to a committee deciding whether to approve or reject a proposed project. Approval is a signal to the writer to go ahead with the research project they are proposing. So, how do you get the members of your dissertation committee to approve your proposal? A successful proposal sets out the primary problem, explains why it is significant, defines the scope or area for the research work, provides historical or background information, and it shows the writer fully understands the different stages and scope of their work. 

The Specific Elements of a Dissertation Proposal

The process of writing a qualitative proposal presupposes the writer will use the future (rather than past) tense in their writing and keep the intended audience in mind (by using an appropriate tone, drawing early-stage conclusions, explaining these to the reader, and so on). It also presupposes that the writing is clear, explicit, and convincing. Moreover, it is crucial to write a proposal that is realistic. In truth, there is no single set model a writer needs to adhere to when writing a proposal. However, it is recommended that writer’s consult previous successful proposals, which can usually be found in the university the student is attending, or to select a model from a well-respected academic journal. The following template is a suggested model you could possibly use for organizing your proposal:

  • Begin with an introduction chapter and literature review;
  • State the research problem and say what the study’s purpose is;
  • Set out the main research question(s);
  • Describe the research methodology to be used;
  • Say how and why this study is significant.

The following is a further example of how a proposal might look:

  • Introduction chapter to include background information and review of available literature;
  • Research methodology to be used;
  • Findings or results section;
  • A section devoted to discussion.

What Makes It Difficult to Write a Proposal for a Dissertation?

The proposal writer should always try to update the dissertation committee, which in itself can be challenging. Upon reviewing the writer’s first draft, the committee may ask for changes (these can either be small changes or ones that affect the entire direction or course of the proposed study). Another task for the writer is keeping their committee fully informed and to implement any changes the committee suggests. In the whole scheme of things, the writer’s main focus should be the dissertation committee or his or her intended readers.

Readers might not be conversant with a particular topic, so it is important to explain the main terms and any particular methodologies and/or theories. A critical task for the writer is to show they understand their subject matter and that they have the skill and ability to justify their choice of research methodologies and strategies.

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