Writing an Introduction for a Dissertation

If a dissertation is to be successful, the writer must get every single part of it right. An especially important step is the introduction chapter of a dissertation. The writer reveals their thesis in the introduction and it is here they will explain in the most concise manner why they think their thesis is correct and how they will go about proving its correctness.  

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The Purpose of a Dissertation’s Introduction

An introduction chapter’s purpose is to state clearly what the writer intends to show in the body of their paper. It is essential to set accurate expectations for your readers so you need to provide a clear and concise picture of the material they will be reading about. 

It is not exactly easy to write a successful introduction. There is always a temptation to begin with such phrases, as, “I will try to demonstrate that …” This sentence lacks conviction and is not strong. Words like, “try” suggests that you are not entirely sure if you will be able to convince your readers. In addition, writing from the first person perspective is not seen as the best possible practice.

Small things like these can lose a writer much-need marks. Moreover, if one simple phrase or sentence can potentially give rise to two problems, it is little wonder that students become stressed with the process.

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