Help with Writing Dissertation Abstracts

Any student preparing to write a dissertation will soon realize that they have to write an abstract chapter for their paper. Writing this chapter in the correct manner is one of the key elements of a successful dissertation. Therefore, it is vital to know precisely what needs to be covered in this section.   

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A great many students get the abstract section wrong, but the ability to write it to perfection is a great way of distinguishing yourself from your fellow students. A well-written abstract demonstrates to readers that you understand what it is you are doing.

What are Abstracts?

It is common for people to get abstracts confused with the summary words on the back cover of any type of book. However, an abstract is a great deal more than a mere overview. There is no need – nor should you – provide a hook in this chapter. The purpose of an abstract is to summarize a complete paper i.e. to cover everything in the main body of your paper but in a more concise and briefer manner.

The widely accepted rule is that an abstract for a dissertation should be approximately 280 - 300 words in length even though individual colleges and universities may have different requirements in terms of the number of words. So, make sure you understand the word count requirements.

An abstract should be used as the pitch that elevates your paper. It should sum-up your entire dissertation and those who read it should be able to understand the content of your paper, the methodology you used and, very importantly, the results of your research. In fact, a lot of students neglect to mention their findings or results. Anyone writing an abstract will know that over 50% of this chapter should be devoted to results.

An effective abstract can be used in place of an entire dissertation if or when there are time constraints. Abstracts may be included in academic journal bibliographies and used as a means of summarizing the research work you did.

Help with Dissertation Abstracts

At, our team knows that the task of writing concisely without losing anything important can be difficult. We additionally understand it is essential to get every aspect of this chapter right. It is possible you briefly came across the concept of abstract writing during your graduate or your undergraduate studies, but for the most part, they do not feature very prominently until it comes to doing a Master’s and/or doctoral degree. It is likely you have been completing written assignments since you were in high school, but now an abstract is new to you. As a result, a lot of students like you ask our writing service for assistance with abstract writing.

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Writing an abstract for a dissertation requires special skill since this is a different type of academic writing. Because of the limited number of words, it is essential to be able to summarize a dissertation succinctly while, at the same time, making sure it still reads sensibly and that the results are fully discussed.

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